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Late Night Visit

Nick, KY, USA
August 2005

I just want to start out saying that I wouldn't even be telling anyone about this story if it wasn't for Anna in Ohio, who had an account with a similar sounding creature.

Most people I tell this story to find it highly unbelievable and because I have a slight memory problem about past events, they believe I'm confusing dreams with reality. To those people I say thee nay, because the events I am about to transcribe to you are crystal-clear in my memory. It's kind of hard to forget something like this.

It was on a cloudless August night over thirteen years ago in an apartment complex called Robin Springs within a small town in central Ohio called Middletown. I and a friend of mine named Kurt, both of us thirteen years old incidentally, were sitting at my dining room table performing our usual nighttime ritual of who can write the better story in the shortest amount of time. What can I say but, that we were kind of odd kids.

Now before I go any further into the night's events, I need to give a little explanation of the layout of our dining room. Our table was a long rectangle, about six feet long, if I were to hazard a guess, with two wooden benches just as long as the table for seats. If you sat on one side of the table, your back would be facing the kitchen entrance, where my friend Kurt was sitting. On the opposite side, where I was sitting, my back was facing a pair of large glass patio double doors.

It was around eleven or twelve at night when my dog, Snoopy, a mid-size dog of unknown origin (he was a mutt, basically), started to whimper and whine at the glass door behind me. Normally I wouldn't pay any attention to this, because the dog wasn't the sharpest tack, but I happened to look up at my friend when I began to suffer from writer's block. The look on his face said it all. His mouth was as wide open as it could possibly be, his eyes were glazed over and his skin looked as pale as a sheet.

You know people always say they were as white as a ghost, when talking of ghost stories and I never quite understood that saying, but Kurt's look said it all. Slowly, I turned my gaze away from my friend and to my dog. He was just sitting on his haunches, slowly wagging his tail and staring through the glass of the door. What he was looking at is beyond difficult to explain. It looked to be about three feet tall, all black with a humanoid form to it, but absolutely no face or distinguishing attributes. It appeared to be watching my dog, as if studying it. It wasn't what you would call a shadow being, because it had a three dimensional form and was solid. As I continued looking at this bewildering form, it must have realized I had noticed it because its gaze went to me; it acted surprised, made the weirdest noise I have ever heard in my life and took off into the darkness. My friend and I, being curious thirteen year olds, grabbed my father's flashlight and took off after it. We never did see it again that night, but we did accidentally get the police called on us by neighbors who mistook us for prowlers.

Nick, KY, USA
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