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Laughing Sister

Michael Smale, MA, USA
March 2001

This is a true story that had happened in Clinton Mass about 57 years ago.

A young boy, John had recently moved to the small town and wanted to make some new friends. Two other boys whose names where Tim and Jeremiah dared John to spend the night under a tree in the woods or they would not be his friends. So John spent the night under the tree and was found dead by Tim and Jeremiah.

7 years later people who walked trough the wood swear they could hear laughter coming from the nearby tree. The same tree John died under. Others say that if you stare into the tree's bark you can see John's face appear and disappear. If anyone is near the tree they can feel very lonely and upset for no apparent reason, the same way John must have felt when he first arrived in Clinton.

When I was three, a horrible thunderstorm destroyed the tree as a tornado passed by.

But on a cool autumn evening right before the sun disappears behind the horizon, you can still hear an empty, eerie laugh where the tree once stood...

Michael Smale, MA, USA
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