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Laurundle - Home for the Mentally Ill

Trish, Victoria, Australia
November 1999

I am not one of these people who accidentally come across a ghost or move into a haunted house. I go looking for ghosts and 2 weeks ago I heard about an old mental institution that had been closed down only 6 months ago and it was meant to be haunted. So I talked a friend into coming with me to check it out.

We got there at about 10pm and with out torches we went inside. The doors were missing and all the windows had been smashed. We walked in and found ourselves in what would have been the reception. Looking around we chose the door on the right to go into first, through the doors was a long corridor with small bedroom like rooms off it. Walking down there was very Eerie, I got cold shivers down my spin looking in the rooms we saw only empty rooms when we got to the end of the corridor we hear a door slam shut behind us. We spun around to see a dark figure limp into one of the rooms. My friend froze but I walked to the room to check it out. When I got to the room the figure went into nothing was there, that's when we heard the voices above us, it was the sound of people crying, not just one person, but several people crying (I couldn't say how many people), then the crying turned to screaming. A horrible screaming that got louder and louder until it suddenly stopped after about 2 long minutes. I turned to my friend who was white with fright. I asked if he wanted to leave and he nodded yes, so we headed back down the corridor as quick as we could, But the door we come through was jammed we couldn't open it. I thought maybe some one was in the building playing a joke on us. So I yelled out "Is any body here?" there was no answer but some one tapped me on the shoulder with cold fingers, it was not my friend as he was standing in front of me. I turned to see a HEAD so close to mine, but I could see right through it and there was nobody, it was a wrinkled old man his teeth were yellow and his eyes black and hollow. Well, I freaked and screamed my friend turned and saw the face he screamed also. We ran through the door that we couldn't open moments ago and ran out the front door and into our car and rove off.

This story is totally true, the mental institution is the Laurundle Institute for the Mentally Ill in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Trish, Victoria, Australia
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