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Leap Frog

April 2002

Hello, first I would like to tell you that before my experience I never believed in the paranormal. Now I am a current Believer.

Anyways, About two years ago my uncle (lets call him Dave) bought a house that later he renovated into a store. The house was the oldest one in that community. The stores name was "Leap Frog". The inside of the house is very important to the story. It's a two story house with a basement. As soon as you go in the front door there is a flight of stairs. As soon as you go to the top you turn to the left, and there are two more steps. Then there is a room to your right, (which has a closet leading to the next room) a room in front of you, another beside that one, a bathroom, and a room beside the bathroom. I called the room beside the bathroom the bright room, well because it was the brightest one in the house. I'm sorry if this gets a little long!!

My experience was when the house was being renovated, It was time for everyone to go home because everything had been finished for that day. My cousin "Dillian" and I were outside playing when I remembered I needed to get my shoes. So I yelled out to uncle Dave not to lock the door yet. I ran in the house, and as I got to the top of the first part of the steps and was on the first step of the other two I heard three loud bangs, as if someone was pounding on the door beside me! I could not move. I finally came back to my senses, and was walking by, when the doorknob turned and burst open. I ran into the bright room and got my shoes. I had my breath back, and was turning to go back to get out of that house when, something on the wall just was not quite right.It was as if something or SOMEONE'S head was pushing through the plaster. I gazed in horror as it slowly turned to the left, and then to the right, and turned towards me. All of a sudden where the things eyes would be started burning into black holes. Thankfully my mom honked the car horn, and I came out of my sudden coma. I ran as hard as I could down the stairs, out of the corner of my eye I could see it going across the wall to where it stopped at the beginning of the steps.

Later on I asked my uncle who was the previous owner, he told me the mans name, and and another thing that gave me chills. The previous owner had shot himself on the top story.

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