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Leave It On

Jill Rouse, CA, USA
January 2001

My house had a few things happen in it, but one of the most startling experiences was when two of my closest friends were visiting.

Debbie and Dawn were staying at my house. We had been watching television for a while and decided that 2 o'clock was as good a time as any to go to bed.

Debbie and Dawn walked to the entrance of the living room, and I headed to the television and pressed the power button. I joined my friends in the doorway of the living room and was about to turn the light off when the television went back on. I didn't think anything of it; I just assumed that I hadn't turned it off properly. I walked back to the television and turned it off, again. I stood there a few seconds and walked back to the doorway. Again, as I went to turn the light out the television flipped on. This happened two more times. Debbie, Dawn and I were a bit spooked at this time so we all headed over to the television and Dawn turned it off.

We stood there a minute, and because many in my family believed we had a ghost I decided to tell it to leave the television off. As soon as, the words came out of my mouth the living room lights went out and Debbie, Dawn and I ran from the living room, screaming. The next morning the lights and the television appeared to be back to there old selves.

Jill Rouse, CA, USA
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