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Leaving Our Home

October 2003

I am 29, married and have 3 children. Our previous home we lived in we didn't have much experiences in until we had to move. The experiences prior to this were pretty subtle and were easy to fluff off.

The house we lived in was in a bad neighborhood and we lived there for 4 years also with the conditions of this house just falling apart. We rented it. With never any signs of the landlord. For the most part there were wonderful occasions happened within the time we lived there. My last two children were born and came home to the house. My husband and I were remarried (to each other) in that house. Well the house was sold in a Sheriff's sale and the new owners gave us a 3 month lease to give us time to find another place to live. Which gave us perfect opportunity to move. Well when all things started to go in motion for me to hunt for another home that is when the occurrences happened.

Things sounding like they were crashing to the floor upstairs and I would look and nothing was disturbed, this crashing sound happened twice upstairs. The second time being my 3 year old heard it and looked and said, " What was that Mommy?". Yet again I checked and nothing was wrong. Then the sounds of someone walking across the floor upstairs started and would stop at the top of our stairs. Also I must add the house was a 2 bedroom den townhouse not very big. I finally said something to my husband about the noises asking him if he heard them. He said no. Well one night sitting in the living room we heard a loud bang on the floor upstairs and stomping across the floor. He went upstairs and checked and yet again nothing. Then when it came to putting my youngest to sleep in her crib she would look horrified as I would lay her down. She being the easiest to put to bed and usually would dive for her crib as you are laying her down. I started to get concerned. A friend of mine suggesting I sprinkle sea salt around her room and asking for her to have peace while she sleeps. Well the look finally went away with her and she was back to normal.

Here comes the last and most significant occurrences. My husbands cousin had a key to our house and usually would go to our house and let herself in and wait for us to get home. WEll one evening I knew she was suppose to be there, we came in and I found a note saying, " Too many noises got freaked call me when you get home" When I looked in the kitchen the cabinet doors above the sink were open. This is where I kept the drinking glasses. I went to shut them and noticed on the top shelf one of the wine glasses were knocked over. I picked it up and it was broken and noticed the shot glass it landed on was broken also. I called her and asked what happened. She said she actually thought I was home because coming to the door it sounded like someone was in the kitchen doing dishes. She came in and the noise stopped briefly. She came in and looked around the house when she got further away from the kitchen she heard the kitchen cabinets slam over and over again and she ran out of the house. The last and the most scariest to some but amusing to others. This one freaked me out the most. My youngest sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night and kind of just whine and go back to sleep.

One night she woke up and started whining and I lay there half awake waiting to see if she would stop, well I heard a soft voice telling her "Sssshhhhhhhh it's ok go back to sleep" It said it to her a couple of times and she stopped and went back to sleep.

At the time my husband had a friend staying with us and I asked him the next day if he had gotten up with her because I know my husband was still in bed and my oldest child wasn't home. He said no he didn't even hear her.

Finally I started to ask my aunt questions because she lived there before me said there was a ghost but it was from the next door neighbors house and apparently it didn't want us to leave. Right after she told me this when I was alone I spoke out loud and explained that we had no choice to leave and that hopefully it would enjoy the next tenants. The noises and occurrences subsided.

I hope everyone enjoys this. I have had other occurrences in other homes but that is for another time.

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