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Left Alone

Jes, QLD, Australia
May 2005

Ok before I start on my story I would just like to give you a slight briefing of my background.
I come from a long line of Gypsy's and witches. My Grandfather is the seventh son of a seventh son. My Great Grandmother had a freaky experience with voodoo. And both of my Aunties on my mother's side, regularly see ghosts. Especially my eldest Aunty who seems to draw paranormal activity to her and others around her.

Ok on with the story.

It was about 2 years ago when I was still living with my mum and going to high school. My mum, sister, our neighbour and her son had all gone to Cairns for something that I couldn't remember, and said that they wouldn't be back till later on in the night.

At this time, the house we lived in gave me very freaky vibes, I don't know whether it was because of my overactive imagination or not but every time my mother went away, I always felt as though someone was watching. In the backyard was this huge lychee tree that shadowed the entire backyard when dark, spooky. Anyway, mum had said her goodbyes and I was fine. I was lying on the couch watching the TV, as one does at night, when all of a sudden I felt as though I was being watch. I swear I saw a dark shadow out of the corner of my eye. The weird thing was, the 'feeling' was coming from near the doorway to my room, not the back windows where I usually felt weird.

Thinking that it was my imagination again I continued to watch TV, slightly freaked out. It was only until my dog, who was lying next to me, started growling, at the exactly same place I saw the shadow. I dared not move. It was only until my mum pulled up that I moved, stretching my sore muscles that had been tensed in the same position for the last couple of hours. I told mum all about it and she was lost for words.

My father died back when I was three years old, and I believe that he is my guardian angel and although my mother has her own angel, I feel that he looks out for the both of us. But like any person, cant be in two places at once, and since mum was travelling, I feel he must have felt that she would be in the most danger.

Every time now when I feel creeped out, it usually only lasts a couple of minutes, before it is replaced with a calming feeling, which is comforting. I'm glad that he is still out there watching me.

Jes, QLD, Australia
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