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Left Behind

February 2008

Before I start, I will just let you know, I don't really believe in ghosts, but this scared me so much for two years, and I had been known for years not to be scared of anything.

My mother had just married her high school sweetheart and we had moved into a house that seemed perfect. It was in a bad area, but it was still the best house I had ever seen. A few days after moving in my friends and I had a movie-marathon that lasted for what seemed like forever. The movies were all horrors and all my friends were scared and shaking for weeks afterwards, amazed that I hadn't even jumped at the movies.

About a week after that night my mum & my step dad went out for dinner. My twin sister had gone to stay at her friends house & I was left home alone. I had never cared about being home alone, but in a new house, I admit I was a bit jumpy. Out of nowhere a huge gust of wind came through our house and sent all the doors slamming. I was sitting in the lounge room when I heard the back door creak open. I ran through the house to make sure nobody was trying to break in but the door was closed & locked. There were no other doors nearby, so I knew it was the back door I had heard.

I went to my room and lay down in my bed watching TV. When we moved into the house, the house had been bare, and the only thing the previous owners had left behind was a single wardrobe. It was old & big, & my mum had decided to keep it in my room as I had the biggest bedroom in the house. The cupboard had a key to lock it, an old key; one you may see in a movie like "The Others". I kept it locked as I had no use for it. I put a plastic sign over a big hole that had been put into the side of the cupboard and it had been kept up with nails. Every night I would make sure that the cupboard was locked and I would put the key under my pillow.

My mum called & told me that they would be home late, & my sister called me to check if I was ok. Later I went to sleep but was woken up in the middle of the night by a creaking sound. The house was old and the walls cracked occasionally, but the creaking was not from the walls, but from the wardrobe. The doors had opened and were swinging slowly on their hinges. I ran to the lounge room & slept on the couch that night and in the morning I went back into my room to find the plastic sign snapped & lying on the floor as if kicked outwards from inside. The doors of the wardrobe were closed and locked and the key was still under my pillow how it had been the previous night. This occurred with the doors most nights for about two years until I moved.

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