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Let Me In, Booger

April 2023

Several years ago I was puppysitting for my wife's parents at their house while they were out of town. It was around 8pm in the early fall. I was sitting on the couch with the little puppers (her name is Olive and she's an adorable chiwawa-dashund mix) watching Mythbusters. My wife was at work 20 minutes away on the other side of town and wasn't due to get home until after 10pm.

The house is on a dead end street kind of out of the way of traffic and there were never any people walking on the sidewalk nearby. I wasn't expecting company either.

I distinctly recall the dog perk up her ears and growl which was very uncommon for her. A second later I heard a loud knock at the front door. Olive went ballistic. She ran to the door barking and growling with her hackles raised. A few more knocks sounded off and I heard my wife's voice on the other side of the door. "Booger, open up the door." (Nobody else has ever called me that but her.) I asked her what she did with her house key. I heard several more knocks and her voice replied, "Booger hurry up and let me in!"

At this point Olive was scratching at the door while barking, snarling and just flipping the heck out. I told her to hold on a second and I will let you in. I got up and walked around the couch to the front door. The knocking and voice continued to persist on the other side of the door. I unlocked the handle and deadbolt and swung the door open. Now I can't stress this enough. I fully expected to see my beautiful wife at the door, home early from work. What I didn't expect was what I saw.

Nothing. Literally, nothing. No humans. No ghost. No black eyed kids. No sasquatch. Just an empty front yard lit by the predusk sun. Only my car was in the driveway. The dog was still growing with her hackles raised as I looked around the side of the house to find, again, nothing. Once I realized what just happened I ran back into the house and locked the door. I was shaking and panicked. I immediately tried calling my wife on her cell to confirm that she was still at work. She didn't answer any of the 10 times I tried to call her. I called her place of business and asked to talk to her but she was busy because of a rush of customers.

She did end up calling me back at 10:30 after her shift and I asked her if she was messing with me. She said absolutely not. She was at work the whole time. Her coworkers and manager verified her story.

So I still have no idea what happened. Was it a time slip? A demon? Fairy or Fae? I still get cold chills when I think about it because whatever was on the other side of that door copied my wife's voice and mannerisms perfectly to the point that I couldn't discern it from my real wife. I opened that door and could have let something in without realizing it. I can't believe that it was all in my imagination because Olive was and is not an aggressive dog. She sure hated whatever was out there that night and knew it was bad before I had a chance to rationalize. All I do know is that I hope to never experience that situation again.

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