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Letting Itself Be Known

Esther Salinas, Texas, USA
October 2001

Being that it's the month of ghouls and goblins, I thought this experience to be appropriate to tell as it happened about 3 months ago and still spooks me today when I think about it. Here goes..

I'm not a health nut, but I like to attend my aerobics class 3 times a week as I always do. That is all I ask for from my family, is my time for my aerobics.

I was alone as my sons were with their father for the month. My boyfriend was home with his sons and I just returned to my apartment. It was about 9p.m. I had gone to my aerobics class at 7p.m, got out at 8p.m. and went to the video store. I rented "The Wedding Planner". As soon as I walked into the apartment I felt as if I wasn't alone. I could feel it thick in the air that I had walked in on someone. I felt the hair on my arms and neck just rise. (I should state that I'm very perceptive to paranormal activity) But this feeling was way too strong. I felt something more like sensing a live person. I quickly turned on all the lights in the apartment as I was in total darkness except for the lamp I left on in the living room. I locked the dead bolt to the door.(It only locks through the inside) If there was someone there they would have to get through that door and I was making sure I would hear it.

I went ahead and checked every closet, under every bed, in every room. I even looked in the cupboards in the kitchen and way in the back of the closets in case they were covering themselves with blankets. Nothing. No where. But the feeling of not being alone was not gone. I even looked outside the windows to see if there was a peeping tom. I get very uncomfortable when I feel someone staring. Nothing. This took me all about 15 mins. I had checked the apartment at least 3 times by then and nothing. I went ahead and took a shower, confident that I was alone. It was the first night staying alone since my sons were gone. My boyfriend would usually stay with me, but when he had his sons over, of course he'd stay at his place and it happened to be that particular day that they were visiting.

I got out of the shower, and went to the kitchen. Popped a bag of popcorn, put in the movie and sat on the couch and began to watch the flick.(This is important for me to say, but when searching the apartment, I walked through the living room many times and through the dining room). The front door is right in between these adjoining room.

About 1hr into the movie, I hear a thud. I didn't acknowledge it until the second time because I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked to my right as I saw this blur and noticed that I had left the ceiling fan over the dining room on. Right at that instant the chains hanging from the fan collided together making the little wooden handles at the end thump together. I was relived it was that and turned to watch my movie trying very hard to keep from thinking of the feeling I was having of being watched. I still could see the blur on the side of me, and could hear the thumping sound about 3 to 4 more times. Finally the movie ended. It was close to 11:30pm. I was not sleepy at all, but decided to turn in. I got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen. As I was washing the dishes I had used, a swarm of flies, at least 10-15 just all of a sudden rushed into the kitchen. I had no clue where they came from. I grabbed a wet kitchen towel and started running after them through the apartment. I had ran back to the kitchen and noticed a weird, foul smell. I thought or wanted to think that since I had just turned on the garbage disposal just a few minutes ago, the stench of the rotting meat in there going down must have left an odor behind. I chased another fly going from the kitchen to the dining area, to the living room. I stopped and looked down and stared. I was standing directly in front of the front door. About a foot from it. I was directly in between the dining and living room and I was directly in front of the hallway that lead to the bedrooms. On the floor in front of me were about 6-7 marbles. My sons hadn't been there in about 2 weeks and I had just vacuumed the night before, not to mention when I walked in the door. I would have definitely walked on them. I stood there looking at them and the feeling of not being alone grew stronger. I bent down and picked them up. Why I didn't run out of there is beyond me. I was scared, but I wouldn't allow myself to think that way till the next morning. I thought of the blurrs I would see out of the corner of my eye, and the thumping sound. I dropped a marble to the carpet, the same sound. I walked to the kitchen and put them in a drawer. I went back to chasing the flies. Why I don't know.

I was chasing one down the hall to the bedrooms when I noticed the door directly in front was open (door to restroom). I shut it, and turned back down the hallway. I came down the hallway 3 times and every time the door would be open and I'd shut it . I was frustrated by then and yelled out "Stop it! This isn't funny!" When I left and returned, the door remained shut.

After chasing and exterminating each fly I went to bed, but before I did, I checked each room, each closet, each cupboard and under everything, a total of 5 times. Each time sensing the feeling of not being alone getting stronger and more unbearable. It was so strong that I ended up watching TV in my bedroom. Always feeling someone was standing at my bedroom door which was open.

It was 3a.m. by then. I was to be up in 2 hours to get ready for work. I laid on my stomach directly in front of the TV and finally dozed off. I woke up at 5am and went to take a shower. I was glad it was morning, even though I didn't sleep at all. I remember waking up after going to sleep and seeing this hazy white and almost pinkish mist in front of me. I was sleeping on my back by then. I merely brushed it away with my arm and turned over and went to bed.

I got out of the shower and got dressed. I wasn't having that feeling of being watched as strong, but I still felt uneasy. I got my things together, got my purse, and keys and walked to the door. I turned the lock to the door and then I turned the dead bolt. It just spun in my hand. I was broken. All the work of staying calm all night long just fell. I panicked. I tried it again, it wouldn't do anything but spin quickly. I was locked in. I ran to call everyone at work to tell them I was going to be late, I rang my mom, my boyfriend and maintenance. I tried to joke about it, but I could feel myself getting more alarmed. The feeling of being watched was so intense again that I couldn't breathe.

I had called work again and a co-worker told me to get a screwdriver and take the lock apart from the inside. I did that. As I pulled the lock apart I could see that it looked like it was forced too hard and stripped from the inside. I called maintenance and told them I was leaving and to come fix it, but they asked for me to wait. I did.

I sat on the couch and by that time was talking to my boyfriend again. I was telling him about what happened the night before. He analogized for not returning my call. I said it was ok since it was pretty late. He stated 12am was not late, but had dozed off. I told him I called him way after 12. He stated his caller ID said 12 on the dot. I just sat there. He asked me to slowly get up and out of the apartment. As I did, a knock to the door just about turned my hair white. It was the maintenance man. I told my boyfriend goodbye after reassuring him I was ok and not alone. The maintenance guy looked at the lock and said he'd replace it. I asked him if it had worn out. He said no, it was forced too much. I told him it was fine the night before. He said "Well someone wanted to either make sure it was locked or turned it the wrong way to open it and get out because it was forced the wrong way. I looked at him and walked out. I got in my car and prayed all the way to work.

I still live there. Other things have happened, but nothing like that.(Lights flickering) Hazy forms appearing in my room. The sense of a presence there. I have a theory, I have a habit of closing all doors in the apartment. If you're not in the room close the door. I inherited it from my mother. For some reason, now that I leave the doors open, the occurrences are far less if not minimal. I think he (I have a feeling he's male) wanted access to the rooms and was being denied that when the doors were closed. Now I sense he's more at ease now when he comes by. I'm thinking he was just letting me know he was there and would be visiting here and there. I don't invite him in as it's against all paranormal rules to invite them because you don't know what you'll get, but I don't make it difficult for him either.

Thanks for reading my experience and have a Happy Hallows Eve!!

Esther Salinas, Texas, USA
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