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Lexington Tour In Corpus Christie, TX

December 2006

It was the summer of 1999 and my family as well as my boyfriend visited the coast. We wanted to see the Lexington, this is not the one that sank, this was the carrier. Anyway we took the tour that they offered and were having a good time until 15 minutes in to the tour when I started to feel funny. By which I mean my stomach started to hurt and then I was being flooded with information that I did not want.
It came in waves at first. It started with a song from Billy Holiday then switched to a big explosion. I heard screams, gun shots and bombs going off. Solders were calling for their mothers, it was total panic. I started to cry, I felt total fear.Then I saw it all as though it was happing to me. Soldiers were running around yelling out commands and taking orders. I saw them getting shot, some of which were standing next to me yelling "I've been hit !" I started telling everything I saw to one of the men that was there at the time, he started to cry. Everything I said was true he later told me. Then as soon as the battle started it was over. I started to see the bodies being dropped into the sea. Men crying out in pain and other men helping the wounded. We went down to the where the soldiers slept and I could hear them calling for their mothers and clenching their pillows in fear, the whole thing was so scary for me.

Even though this may not be a ghost story, the ship does have ghost and a history. Men did die on the ship. I was just able to see it all happen. Every survivor aboard that ship that day was listening to me. As they remembered the events of that time, most of them were in tears.
After it was over I had to leave because I was so tired and weak .The guide that was leading the tour told me that he was there when the ship was attacked that day and everything I said was true and that he was sorry for what I saw and that 12 men died that day. I told him thank you for protecting our country.
I never went back to the Lexington and don't want to.

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