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Life and Ghosts

Matt T., MN, USA
December 2004

I'll start out with a little background of myself to help you understand the setting most of this takes place.

I've lived in Minnesota for over 22 years within my 25 years of life I have experienced along with my sister several encounters.

At the age of 12 my family and I where living in a town of Montevideo. The house was a old farm house moved in from the country and a basement put underneath. Actually not a bad home. My sister and I where sitting in her bedroom playing a board game when suddenly the door knob turned but no one entered. We knew both our parents where asleep at the time. So this kinda freaked us both out. We continued with the board game and again the door knob turned and released. This time I stood up went to grab the door knob and again right before my hand could touch the knob it turned again. I backed away from the door and just sat there. My sister just looked at me. I was too scared to even open the door.
A hour or so went by and nothing happened so I opened the door and quickly jumped into my bed.The door knob turning was a common occurence when ever my sister and I would stay up late in her room.

Several times during the evening I would hear music playing down in our living room. I would walk downstairs and none of the stereo equipment would be on. I would then walk back upstairs crawl into bed and the music would start again. Sometimes my dad would yell up the stairs and tell us to turn our music down. Sadly, my sister nor I had any music on at the time.

My parents really didn't think much of what my sister and I were experiencing until there T.V. in the there bedroom would come on with the volume full blast. I guess my dad would scramble to find the remote turn it off and several hours later it would happen again.

Common thing was seeing a man all in black in our downstairs bathroom. Never could see his face but you could tell he had longer hair, dark hair. You would only see him in the mirror.

My family and I have long since moved from that area and home, but things still occur for me.

I now live with my girlfriend, and we are now both experiencing a ghost. My girlfriend nicknamed him Fred. I found out real quickly if you don't keep the closet door locked it will be wide open in the middle of the night. That part didn't really bug me. On occasion I would wake up in a cold sweat with scratch marks on my back. That still bugs me to this day. One of the rooms in the apartment regardless if the heat vent is wide open stays cold.

Matt T., MN, USA
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