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Life Angels

Tara, KY, USA
January 2003

Hi, am a 23 year old girl, and since I can remember I have had many experiences with ghosts. I am a true believer that they do exist. Good and Evil. But, I like to think of them more as angels. I have only had a couple of "bad" experiences, but I think the ghost were just playing.

When I was five I lived in an old house on Philedelphia St. in Covington, KY. Until this day I sometimes just drive by it to take a look at it. This house is the first experiences I can remember.

My mother and I were home alone, and my uncle had stopped by, after work, he stayed with us off and on, and he had just got off work. We were all in the living room and he was cleaning out his wallet. I was playing, not really paying attention to him or my mom. When he decided to go upstairs to take a shower. Meanwhile, my mom and I went to the kitchen (at the other end of the house) to have lunch and watch TV in there.

After my uncle showered he came into the kitchen and asked my mom if she had his wallet. She said no, and asked me if I picked it up. I said no. My uncle began yelling at me saying that I got a hold of his wallet, that he left it on the living room table with all the contents laying out. I began to cry because I didn't take it. My mom finally stood up for me and told him I had been in the same room as her the entire time.

We went back to the living room to look for the wallet and sure enough everything was gone off the table. We searched and searched and could not find it. We gave up.

Later the afternoon we were just lounging around and my mom just happen to glance behind the corner of the couch. There sat the wallet. She picked it up, and my uncle opened to find everything inside. Needless to say at that time I did not know what a ghost was, so I just thought it was something weird that happened. My mom and uncle were really freaked out.

I have had many things happen to me throughout my childhood that is unexplainable, but never do they scare me. I do tell my stories, and just pass them off as one of my angels playing with me. People can not believe that this doesn't bother me, but, I think as our loved ones pass they are in heaven here on earth with us every day of the year.

Tara, KY, USA
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