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Life Changing Experience

August 2004

The story I am telling you happened to me about 2 months ago and is entirely true! Don’t believe me if you don’t want to but every word is true!

I was always skeptical on the subject of "ghosts" and contacting them with Ouija boards or automatic handwriting. My friends were determined to make me believe so they planned a night for all of us to "contact the spirit world". I wasn’t going to go but I thought it would be a good laugh for me when nothing happened.

I went to my friend Katy’s. Erik, Sophie and Jaime we’re going to be there. Katy had her Ouija board ready and had set two candles at both ends of the table. We all sat down and placed our fingers on the moving piece. Katy did the talking for us. The piece didn’t move for the longest time, so I said that we should just go home when suddenly the piece moved very quickly. At first I accused Erik of moving it but he convinced me it wasn’t him. Eventually the spirit told us her name, Ellen. All Ellen said was "hello" but then the moving piece had begun to move all over the table very quickly. Katy said that another spirit was probably trying to make contact with us as well. I was still skeptical and suggested that they had it all planned out before to try and convince me that ghosts are real. Then the Ouija board spelt out "we are real." Then I laughed and said sarcastically "oh ok!" and told them to stop fooling around! "The ghosts" had obviously become annoyed with me because my chair had begun to move back and forth so fast I nearly fell off. When it stopped I looked up at my friends and saw the terrified look on their faces. I looked down and saw Katy had written down what a spirit had spelt out while I was being shaken. It said "We are real, Ashley."

I was slightly scared by then but not sure weather it was my friends who had just written it while I wasn’t looking or "the spirits" who really did spell it out. But then I thought who shook my chair? It couldn’t have been one of them because my friend’s hands were on the table. Since then I have been a believer.

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