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Light/Dark People

May 2001

This story was told to me by my friend whom I have known for over 20 years (I am 27).

I know it sounds a little silly but he says he sees ghosts or what are known in his family as "light- dark people". According to him, these are human figures that are seen in the peripheral vision but when one turns to look they disappear. The reason they are called "light-dark people" is the fact that when they are viewed against a light background they appear dark and visa-versa. In other words if he were to see one standing outside a window on a sunny day then the personage would be viewed as a dark one or out a window at night, light.

Apparently there are many in his family that see these "L-D people". On one particular incident my friend was helping to shingle a family member's house with his uncle. Both were very occupied with the job because they were in a friendly competition with each other to see who could shingle the fastest. At the bottom of the roof there was a ladder that led to a second floor deck where others were barbecuing.

Suddenly both my friend and his uncle noticed a person standing at the top of the ladder. Assuming it was my friend's father, they both turned to look. Of course the "person" was no longer there. When my friend asked his uncle if he saw someone standing at the top of the ladder he said he had. They both walked to the edge of the roof and called down to the people barbecuing on the deck. They asked if anyone was just at the top of ladder. All saw nothing. Apparently this is impossible since someone would have to have passed the barbecuers to get to and from the ladder. My friend asked his uncle, "Who was it then?" His uncle replied, "L-D people." He then told my friend that he should ask his aunt about them.

Although my friend was familiar with the "L-D people" he never before knew that others in his family knew of them or that they had a name for them.

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