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Lighthouse Terror

Oregon, USA
May 1999

This is a true story of when I went to a light house in California about two years ago.....

The day that we arrived we got our stuff into the house next to the light house (by the way the lighthouse is Piedras Blancas in San Luis Obispo)....the keeper of the lighthouse gave us a very nice tour before we went out alone. She warned us that when she got hired to work at the lighthouse she heard a story, it goes something like this:

There once was a girl living in the light house before it became a lighthouse and her name was Emilia. She was about 19 or maybe a bit older the keeper said. The keeper apparently knew her very well.

One night the keeper went into her room to give her a glass of warm milk, she found out she wasn't there so she went into the lighthouse to try and look for her.... She opened the door to the balcony and she found Emilia's body hanging from the balcony's edge.

So she told me never to go up there without another person because she said her ghost is very mad........and of course I didn't listen.

So, I went up there and saw nothing but on the way back down I saw a misty figure standing in front of me. I could barely make out her face but her neck was all BLOODY! I turned around to see if there was another place to go to the house but I was stuck! I turned back around and the misty figure of the girl had disappeared!

If you ever go in a lighthouse and the keeper tells you not to go somewhere....listen to what they are saying because they know a lot more than you about that lighthouse.

Oregon, USA
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