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Lights In the Graveyard

November 2000

This happened to my Aunt and my cousin and I was hoping that someone might have a suggestion as to what it could have been.

My aunt Beverly and her daughter Kim were driving home after spending the day with my Grandma. They live about 40 miles away and about half way home there is an old graveyard. The road is located in a small town in West Virginia. The graveyard stretches on along the road for about a mile and a half to two miles.

It was dusk, my cousin was driving and my aunt was in the front passenger seat. Just as they began to pass the cemetery my aunt saw a light hovering about the middle of the graveyard. She mentioned it to my cousin and although they thought it was strange they didn't think much of it at first. They kept driving and suddenly the light came racing straight at their car. My cousin, still not sure exactly what it was, slammed on her brakes when it got close--she thought it might be a motorcycle or someone running with a flashlight and she was afraid that she would hit them. As she came to a stop, the light stopped right outside the window on the passenger side. My cousin and my aunt sat there staring at the light in fear. It was a little smaller than a basketball and glowed much like a flashlight.

My cousin slowly started forward with the car and as she sped up, the light stayed right at the window, she slowed down hoping that the light would keep going but it kept pace with the car. She sped up until she was driving about 70 and finally made it past the cemetery. As soon as they did get past the cemetery, the light stopped following them. It shot straight up over the wooded area that surrounds the cemetery then back toward the way it came.

My aunt and cousin quickly finished their journey home and called us to tell of their experience.

After a day or so, they had convinced themselves that it was just a combination of them being tired and the tricks your eyes can play on you when it is dusk. They decided that it was a reflection from another car that was in the cemetery and felt silly about having been so afraid.

That is until about a week later, my other cousin Mark was coming home from out of state. He had been gone for a few weeks and had not heard the story of what my aunt and cousin had experienced. It was daylight and Mark experienced the same thing coming past this cemetery. Mark doesn't scare easy and when this ball of light came to the side of his truck, he stopped the truck and got out to investigate. He walked around the truck to the side that the light was on and looked out into the cemetery to try and find the source of the light. Suddenly two more lights came shooting out of the cemetery and began moving around him. He said the original light started to make a strange sort of humming or mumbling noise and the latter two lights shot straight up above the trees then back to the cemetery while the original light stayed. At this point he was nervous and slowly backed around his truck and climbed in. The original light hovered outside his window as he stared at it a minute longer then started his truck and slowly drove on. Again, this light followed until he reached the edge of the cemetery then shot up above the trees and back to the cemetery.

When he got home, he shocked my aunt when he began to tell her of his experience. They asked a few people that live in the area if they had any idea what it might be and the people treated them as if they were insane so they have kept the story within the family ever since. Now, I know that my Aunt would NEVER tell such a story unless it was true. I wouldn't always testify to the honesty of my cousins but since it happened to my Aunt first and my cousin came home later with the same story, I am convinced that this really happened.

My aunt will not drive past the cemetery any more and has convinced all of her family to take a different route. Does anyone out there have any insight as to what this could have been?

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