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Lights Out

Andrea, Ontario, Canada
June 1998

One night I was at my friends house. We were painting our nails. A typical thing for us. As at every sleep over we were talking and the subject got onto ghosts. My brother was dead when he was born. I also told her about the spirit that is in my Ouija board. He's a nice person and likes to play jokes. It was around 12-12:30am. I had finished putting on glow-in-the-dark nail polish and wanted to see what it looked like in the dark. So, I got up and turned off the light. But when I went to turn it back on it blinked a lot of colors. When I turned it off it just kept blinking - purple, green, orange, blue, yellow etc. I turned it on again and there was a very bright flash and then the bulb blew out. We were really scared. We ran out to the living room. Only to be scared worse. The dishwasher was clicking for some reason and someone was coming up the stairs. We ran into the room where her brother was sleeping, woke him up and made him stay with us until we fell asleep. A few minutes after I could feel the presence of my brother. It's like a bond we have. I was relaxed and laughing about it. My friend on the other hand was totally freaked out.

When we told her mom and questioned her about the stairs she said that her and her fiance were sleeping the whole night and didn't hear us screaming. I can talk about this now but my friend is still very sensitive about the subject.

Andrea, Ontario, Canada
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