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June 2003

My story takes place in St. Augustine, Florida.

My family and I went to Florida on vacation, and decided to take in some history by staying in St. Augustine. For those of you who aren't into history as much as I am, I'll leave out the lectures, but one thing I think I should include is that St. Augustine is the oldest settlement in the US. (By the way, its an awesome town, and I highly recommend it too anyone who cares.)

Anyway, on our second night there we decided to take a ghost tour. The tour started at 10 o'clock pm, and there were so many people wanting to take the tour they split us into two groups. One group took the tour from the begining, while the other group took it in reverse, so we wouldn't wake up the people who's streets we would be walking down. The two groups would still end up at the same place at the same time for the last ghost story.

My family and I were in the first group. The tour was a lot of fun and really interesting, but in the end we didn't see anything "out of this world." We actually ended up finishing the tour early, and we waited for a long time for the other half of the group to show up.

It was nearly an hour before the guide of the other group showed up. We asked what happened to keep them so late. The other guide was badly shaken, but managed to tell us what happened.

Ok, now I will get to the good stuff.

The other guide, (I don't remember his name, but I'll just call him Chris) said that things were going as normal as possible, but when he reached the old Inn something strange happened.

He was telling the story of the Inn and they happened to be standing under the wooden balcony, when some people in the audience began gasping and taking pictures of something on the balcony. At first Chris figured it was just because of his excellent story telling skills, but after a while, he noticed that the floorboards of the balcony above him were squeaking. He backed up to take a look, and he saw an African American woman in a long white sleeping gown pacing the balcony. He knew this was strange, but didn't become alarmed until he realized that he could see right through the woman.

Everyone was badly shaken, so they quickly retreated down the street. Chris and most of his group turned around in time to see the woman fling herself off the balcony, but before she could hit the ground see disappeared. Everyone was so scared that they ended the tour right there.

The story of the Inn goes that before the Civil War, when slavery in the south was still very common, the Inn keepers son, who was fighting for the Confederate side, fell in love with a slave girl named Lily. The love affair was condemned by the man's parents, and in fact, the entire town, so he supposedly hung himself in one of the bedrooms. Lily, stricken with grief flung herself from the second story and broke her neck.

So thats my story, I hope it was entertaining and I hope you enjoyed it.

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