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Little Boy (1)

Cristina, MI, USA
February 2006

I have had many different paranormal experiences in my life. But the one that scared me the most happened here in my home. I will explain that later. Let me start from the beginning.

This may sound weird but I don't see ghost's visually, I see them in my mind. It's like images and thoughts that come to my mind. I can tell you what they look like, about how old they are, and sometimes even how they died. I have been proven right many times. I don't always trust myself so I like to find out if my thoughts are true.

On our first day here my husband had to work, so I was stuck here cleaning the house up and inspecting all the damages. As I was walking through the house I kept feeling like I wasn't alone. After a little while I realized that there was a little boy between 4 and 7yrs old following me around. He had dark hair and he looked like he was from the 70's, he died somehow in the pantry area. I kept getting two different names it was either "Denny" or "Jeremy". I wasn't scared of him, just nervous of course. When I went upstairs I felt another presence. He made me real nervous. I couldn't read him at all. I just knew that he was an older man.
When my husband came back to pick me up I told him about our ghosts but of course he didn't believe me.

For the next few weeks we worked on the house to at least get it to a liveable condition. Just before we were about to move in the previous owners came by. I of course had to ask them if they knew anything about a little boy dying here. The woman started crying right away and she said yes that it was their son. I apologized and he walked us downstairs and explained that his son got strangled playing on a swing outside and his grandfather brought him in and he died by the back door (which is where the pantry is now). I asked him what his name was and he said Denny. I later learned that their youngest son, who wouldn't have even been born when Denny had died, was named Jeremy. I assume that the old man is Denny's grandfather who is still watching over him. Neither one of them are mean. The little boy plays with our boy's toys when they are not here. He changes the channel sometimes to cartoons and sometimes he will change the radio station. Just normal little boy things. The little boy usually roams the whole house. The old man usually stays upstairs. Our boys and their friends have seen him many times. They have said that he watches over them and he has covered them up at night. Like I said, they don't really bother us.

Until one night almost a year ago.

My family were all asleep I couldn't sleep so I was sitting up in bed reading a book. At around 2:45a.m. I decided to shut the light off and go to bed.(I hate being up at 3a.m. Its just something about the time from 3a.m. to 4a.m. that really scares me). If I am not in bed going to sleep by 3a.m. I will stay awake until 4.
I put the book down and shut the light off and just as I was starting to doze off I felt someone standing next to my bed, then I felt the blanket being lifted up, I even felt little fingers graze my leg. I wasn't scared at first, I just thought it was my youngest son climbing into bed with us. But then it clicked really fast that these fingers were too small and really cold. I freaked and started screaming and when I reached up I grabbed a hold of a small and real cold arm. I am not kidding. I did not let go of that arm for anything. It was trying to get away but I would not let go. And I was screaming the whole time. I reached over with my other arm and finally turned on the light. And there was nothing there. Still screaming, I started pushing on my husband who was lying right next to me to wake up. He wouldn't budge. My dogs were lying in bed with us and they didn't move either. I got on my knees and started pounding on my husband, screaming and begging him to wake up and he still didn't wake up. I started pushing on my dogs trying to wake them up. This went on for a few minutes, but it seemed like hours. Finally, I gave up and sat down scared out of my mind. When I turned the TV on for some noise the dogs woke up and my husband started moving. I woke him up and tried telling him what happened but he just told me that everything was ok and to go to sleep. But of course I couldn't do that. As I was sitting there, after my husband went back to sleep, I could still feel the coldness on my hand and I could still feel the sensation on my leg where his fingers grazed my leg.

After I calmed down and thought about it though I realized that Denny was not trying to scare me. The feeling I got was that of a little boy who was scared and was just climbing into bed with mom and dad. That is why I thought he was my son climbing into bed with us. Thinking about it now I feel really bad for reacting the way I did. Not to say that I might not react the same way I did if it was to happen again. I just feel bad for him. The thing that really baffles me about that night is why no one would wake up.
I left for work the next day before my husband so I wasn't able to talk to him about it. When he came home that night I asked him if he remembered me waking him up last night. And he said no. I told him about what happened. But he told me that I must have been dreaming. I explained that there was no way that I was dreaming and that I had screamed and pounded on him to try and wake him up. That is when he said that he had been sore all day. I lifted up his shirt and he had bruises all over his back. The thing that really scared me that night was that no one woke up. I just don't understand that. If anyone else knows the answer please email me. I can pretty much deal with ghost. But how could I feel him and why wouldn't my family or dogs wake up?

Thank-you for your time.

Cristina, MI, USA
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