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Little Boy (2)

Katie, FL, USA
April 2004

This story I am about to tell you is about an experience I had when I was about 11 (I am 14 now).

My mother is a Reiki master if you don't know what Reiki is, it is a form of hands on healing and the word Reiki is Japanese. Well my mother is full of energy as in spiritual energy so it makes her able to interact with spirits (i.e. talk to them and attract them to her or bring them to earth).

Well, it all started when I was in bed and I was having trouble sleeping so I turned my TV on. My Mom came in and said "you are supposed to be asleep it is a school night you know" and I said "I know but I am having trouble sleeping." She sighed and said she was too so she decided to crawl in my bed and try to sleep with me since my dad has trouble with his sinuses and he snores a lot. Well, when we were watching TV I saw something out of the corner of my eye so I jerked my head over to see what it was. I saw what looked like a little boy with a cloak on and a hood on his head. Well, I told my Mom and she said I was just imagining things.

A little later on that night she decided to go downstairs and sleep on the couch because my bed was uncomfortable. Well, I went to sleep and got up the next morning went to school came back home, and went to my room. I turned the TV on and sat on the floor with my head up against the bed. I was messing around with some paper and cardboard trying to make a scrapbook for pictures and signatures and other stuff. I was messing around with the tape when I got frustrated cause I ran out and I threw the empty holder on the bed.

I had glanced up at the TV and from out of nowhere the tape holder just flung off the bed and hit me in the back of the head. I jumped up and just looked around a second and sat back down and convinced myself it just fell off by accident. About 5 mins later, the light in my bedroom just went off for no reason and this didn't make sense cause my dad had changed the bulb about a week ago. I stood up and ran out the room and I was standing in the hall when I turned around and I saw the light come back on and it was flickering uncontrollably. I ran down the stairs saying "mommy, mommy tape hit my head and the lights went off and I didn't do it, it just did it itself!" I kept rambling on and on till she just told my dad to go up and check it. Well, when he got up there he checked it and found nothing wrong with it and he just told me I was just imagining things.

Well, it wasn't about 10 to 15 mins later when the lights went back off again and I started screaming and I ran down the stairs again saying "mommy it did it again the lights went out again" My Mom got mad so she went up there and stopped in the hallway and didn't even go into the room. She just kinda stood in the doorway and then came in and walked around and started walking towards the windows and then she put her hands up to them as if she were pushing something out of them and she said "Katie come her quick and push, push towards the windows" So I did and then the lights went back to normal and they weren't flickering. She took some salt and put it in all the corners of the whole house and in every room and bathroom and closet.

After a couple of days one of my mom's friends, (also a reiki master) came over and she told him about what had happened. And he said that it may have been attracted to my mom's energy. My Mom said that it WAS in fact a little boy and when it came it saw me and figured I might play with him. She told me that since ghosts can't be seen ALL the time the little boy ghost might have gotten mad and started doing mean stuff because I wouldn't be able to see him or play with him.

Later on about a month ago, she told me she brought the little boy back and talked to him. His name was Joshua, and he was 7 years old and he wanted a friends to play with and she said he didn't want to go because he was scared and he felt lonely. But she said she told him everything would be all right and that he would be happy. So he left.

Also about a month ago, around the same week, I was lying in bed when one of my posters just fell off the wall, this scared me a bit because I had 8 pieces of tape on it about the same length as your pointer finger. I told my Mom and she said it was just that the tape got old and fell off. But I don't think so. I tend to have chills all the time when I go in my room and my lights flicker a little bit but I don't pay it any attention. But that is my story and if I have anymore experiences or stories to tell I will be sure to send them. Thanks for reading! :)

Katie, FL, USA
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