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Little Boy and Answering Machine

Leslie Machuca, NJ, USA
July 2010

My name is Leslie, I am 22 years old, I live by myself in my one bedroom apartment. Unexplained things were happening to me in the apartment, like the phone going on speaker by its self and turning off.

In between other occurrences, one day in particular, I was home alone, cooking, I was actually cutting up potatoes when I heard a little kid's voice say: " I like potatoes." I turned around from my kitchen counter so quickly to see that no one else was home. I investigated outside to see if maybe someone was playing a joke on me, since there are NO windows in my kitchen or near, NO ONE could actually see me cooking.

I felt a little crazy, because I know what I heard, my body was so weak and I was frightened. As I watched the hair on my body stand up, I was at the same time so curious to know what had happened to me. Little did I know that this little voice was recorded on my house line answering machine. The phone never rang, and to hear my messages I usually have to press the button. Well, I didn't find out the voice got recorded until 30 minutes later when my answering machine was beeping. I almost knew if I pressed the button I would hear the voice just because the phone never rang and it was a very strange situation.

Soon enough after the fear left my body, I got the courage to play my only message that got recorded at the same time I was cutting up potatoes, saying " I like potatoes ". After this happened a lot of other occurrences came to mind, like the TV always going on and cartoons would be playing. I want to talk to someone that's had experiences, that could be honest with me and help me feel, a little less crazy.

Since I was 5 years old, I can actually say I've had experiences with the dead. But not until now have I come to realize this hasn't stopped, it never did. The recording happened about a month ago, nothing has recorded since, but the phone still goes on speaker phone on its own once in a while.

Leslie Machuca, NJ, USA
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