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Little Boy Running

Heather, Ohio, USA
April 2000

My family has lived in this one house for over 11 years. I haven't really experienced anything that strange, I just felt that the house felt well lived in. It's about 40 or so years old. I only know of the family that lived there before us. They had several children and may have lost one or two to sickness. The parents used to leave their kids home for months alone. This isn't really a story just a few experiences my family has had.

I was talking with my mom and dad recently and they said they used to see a little boy running down the hallways out of the corner of their eyes. They would chalk it off to being one of my brothers. It couldn't be though because the little boy was a lot smaller and he would disappear when they would go looking. One time it happened to my mom when she was home alone. She said that he kept peeking his head around the corner and running by the kitchen entrance and in the hallway. Again she thought it was my little brother playing a joke on her. That was impossible because she clearly remembered putting him on the bus that morning. Plus there was no way for him to be home (school was miles away and he would need a ride home at that time of the day). It kind of freaked her out then, but now she says she feels at peace when he's around. Me being the ghost lover I am thought it was really neat that our house might have a ghost. I have yet to have an encounter.

The only thing I experienced was these really strange dreams where I couldn't wake up. It would feel as if I was leaving my body and I could go anywhere. The one vivid dream I do recall I felt I was being led somewhere by an unseen child-like force. It ended up taking me to a playground somewhere. There were a few kids there playing and they were trying to tell me something. I made myself wake up because I couldn't feel my body. Maybe that had something to do with the little boy. Another time my other brother who is now 16 recalls waking up in the middle of the night. His bunk- bed faces the hallway where the little boy is seen most. He said when he awoke, he saw a figure about 3 or 4ft tall swaying back and forth with a blanket shrouded over its head. He said it kept walking back and forth. He became really scared and hid under the blankets until he eventually fell back to sleep. Another time my middle brother (I have 3 of them that are about 3 years apart in case your wondering) well he was about 6 at the time. He slept in the bottom bunk at the time. The one where my other brother had his experience. Well anyway, he awoke from a nap in the most frightening manner.

We were all in the kitchen while my mom was preparing dinner. All of a sudden we here screaming through the hall. It was my brother. He woke up , got out of bed and proceeded to run screaming down the hallway. He smacked into the wall and fell down crying. It startled us all. In between sobs he was trying to tell us about a dream he was having. My mom laid him down on the couch and he went back to sleep. We never found out what it was all about but I feel it had to do with the ghost in the hall. Just by the way the events happened. With him running and everything. Maybe something traumatic happened to our little ghost boy when he was alive and that keeps his spirit in our hall. I'd sure like to know. Well thats about all I can think of right now. Hope you enjoyed it.

Heather, Ohio, USA
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