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Little Emily

January 2008

One spring day in 2007, I was washing my dishes, and as I looked out my kitchen window, me jaw dropped. I saw a body, spirit, ghost ...whichever you may call it, out near my barn. She was about 7-10 years of age. She had two pigtails with red-brown hair. She was wearing ribbons in her hair. She was also wearing a green dressing with flowers embroidered on it. She had beautiful brown eyes.

A few days later, I saw her again so, I decided to go to the City Hall and find information on this girl.

Seems, her name was Emily. She was nine turning ten when she disappeared from the backyard of my home. house is over 150 years old. This accident happened in 1836. From the report the parents had given the police, Emily was out back of the barn, ready to let her Clydesdale's and Shetland pony out for the morning to graze about the field. But, the parents say they heard her scream. Rushing to the back of the barn, they say they saw the horses running all over the place as if provoked by something. Emily, who they heard scream, was nowhere to be found or heard from again.

Emily's brother reported to the police that he was in the field, the back of the field that is, picking tobacco (my house was an old tobacco refinery during that time). He said he had heard the scream and started to run toward the barn. Now, the most recent time I saw Emily, was the most horrifying and chilling yet.
She talked to me; it was like I was there when it had happened. She told me her brother had been enraged with her for she got everything and her brother got nothing. He let the horses from their stables, rattling them with a few pieces of wood and making them panic. He knew Emily would let them out at about 6 am. At that second I was suddenly back in my kitchen. Looking out back to Emily running and playing about.

About 2 weeks later, I was with her again. Once again, like I was taken form my kitchen.
I followed her this time. She'd always go to the back of the barn and to a little, (now bushed in) trail ways back in the field. There, I saw Emily disappear into a small patch of dirt with a piece of really faded and worn cloth. I figured this is where her brother had buried her. Emily told me that her burial site grave marker her brother had made for her was blown away weeks after her disappearance and death.

Emily had told me she was buried in a cemetery just about half a mile form my house. She had a tombstone, but nobody was ever buried there. Now, I would have loved to excavate her and tell some remaining family relatives about her being discovered. But, I felt she was at peace now. Now that someone knew what had happened and someone knew where she was.

A few peculiar stories on the side of this one was that I recently found out Emily had befriended my nephew. He one day came over to visit. One hour later he had disappeared in the barn for a bit. Then I saw him in the backyard on a bike zipping around. Thing is, he never knew how to ride a bike until that day in the barn. Then, as I was with some friends hanging out, I peered over across the street feeling watched. I saw the figure of Emily standing there watching.

She's there every night. But I am not afraid of her. I know she is no harm for she has also befriended me and my dog.

I am very faithful of what has happened. I know what I saw. What my nephew has seen. From time to time I see Emily running and playing about.

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