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Little Girl (1)

Gema, NSW, Australia
December 2005

This ghost story has been passed on through my family for 3 generations.

In a small country town in New South Wales, Australia in 1897 there was a missing girl reported to the local police station. There was a search for this missing girl that carried on for 2 weeks. Police and men that lived in this town looked in everywhere for the missing little girl, but she was never found.

About 3 weeks later, a man riding on horseback went past a tree stump on the side of a fenceline near the side of the road. His horse spooked suddenly and became frantic. It refused to walk completely pass the stump or anywhere near it for that matter. Puzzled at why the horse was so frightened, the man jumped off his horse, tied it up to the fence, and walked over to the tree stump to investigate. When he reached the stump, the man found a little girls dress covered in blood.

The story has it that this little girl was kidnapped and murdered by a person passing through. Police never found the body, and the dress was the only thing that remained.

Some of the local people, including my mother, still to this day, claim to sometimes see an outline of a small child running across the road of a night whilst driving.

Gema, NSW, Australia
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