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Little Girl (2)

New Mexico, USA
October 1998

This story is a true story that I have lived with all my life. It is about a little girl who always comes to visit me, no matter where I move.

The first time I recall seeing the little girl was when I was six years old. I came down with a really bad virus. My mother had put me down to rest on my bed after I had fallen asleep. I awoke after having a real bad dream of someone chasing me, I looked over to the corner of the bed room and there stood a little girl. She was about my age with blond wavy hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a white nightgown with ruffles on the top. She just stood there staring at me. She looked at me as if she hated me. She sat there smiling in an evil way at me. Her eyes seemed to stand out the most. It was like I could see into her. She didn't like me, and I knew she wanted to hurt me. She didn't come near me, but she ran into my closet. I yelled for my mom and told her what had happened, she didn't believe me. She figured that my fever had been so high that I had been having hallucinations. She gave me more medicine and I soon fell back to sleep.

As the years went by I had terrible nightmares about the little girl. It was always the same dream. She would stand there facing me, as if challenging me. She would never tell me anything. I would ask her to leave me alone. Then she would try to take me somewhere evil. She wanted me to enter through the closet. (Needless to say growing up I never stayed in the closet for more than a minute.) Somehow, during the dream, I would manage to escape from her, then I'd wake up. My heart would be racing a hundred miles per hour.

In my freshmen year of high school the dreams stopped and the little girl no longer visited (tormented) me. I felt free for the first time. I told my grandmother about her, because my grandmother believes in evil. She said that the little girl was evil and had been sent from the devil to steal my soul. She said that I needed to pray more. As I finished high school she never came back.

Three years after high school I transferred from one university to another. My boyfriend and I moved 150 miles away from home. We had rented a trailer from his family. I always felt like someone was there with me, in all truth I knew it was her. Our bedroom door would swing back and forth. I always seemed to be misplacing everything, I knew she had hidden it from me. Finally, one night she appeared. My boyfriend and I had just gone to bed. I started to sense something at the foot of our bed. I told him about it and he said he could feel it too. I then looked over to the closet and there she was smiling away. I don't know why she's returned but every once in a while I can feel her watching over me. It's an eerie feeling but I do believe that I have a guarding angel protecting me from her.

New Mexico, USA
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