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Little Girl (3)

Kelly, WA, USA
March 2004

I've been a avid reader of this web page for about 4 years. I've always wanted to share some of my own ongoing experiences and finally I have the courage to do so.

In 1999 my husband, my daughter {then 3} and myself were stationed with the US military in Washington state. We got the good fortune of moving into base housing right away. Even better, it was a brand new house, just built. We moved in with the paint still wet. The day before we picked up our keys, we went to see the house. We walked around to the back french doors to "peek" inside. Suddenly, about 4 feet from the door, I got the very strong feeling that we should not be here. My husband said it was OK as far as the military went, but that's not why I thought we shouldn't be there. There was a feeling in the air, heavy, and it didn't feel right! I brushed it off as new house jitters and tried to forget it.

The first thing that happened occured while we were moving stuff in. The house was 2 story. My husband and I were trying to wedge a chair through an upstairs doorway while our daughter played across the hall in her new room. suddenly she came flying out of her room on a riding toy and drove it, her on it, straight down the stairs-like someone or something was pushing her from behind! I screamed for my husband and followed her down to check for injuries. Thank goodness there weren't any! After talking with her a while later she said she had ben playing with a little girl and they were going for a ride! I thought, how could that be? There was NOBODY else in the house but us three! And, aren't only old houses supposed to be haunted?

Right away my daughter started having nightmares and I ended up sleeping in her room permanently over the 3 years we lived there. In her room there were black shadow's weaving on the ceiling and on the walls, sounds of someone or something running overhead, and a foggy kind of mist that would sometimes be hanging in the air around her bed.
I vowed to never leave her alone at night in her room after seeing all that! At least whatever it was wasn't trying to throw my daughter down the stairs anymore, it now focused on me.

I woke up one night while sleeping in my daughters room to someone pinching my right arm, HARD! I had little bruises all over my arm the next day but saw nothing. Then one day my wedding ring went missing. I took it off to wash up some skillets and it disappeared. My daughter and I tore our house apart thinking maybe it fell behind here or I forgot and left it over there. My husband joined the search which lasted 2 days. The following morning, there it was right in plain view on the counter where I had taken it off and left it. There was no way any of us could have not seen it for 2 days. I told the house, whoever was pulling the jokes needed to knock it off, it wasn't funny anymore.

Nothing else went missing after that. Then I saw her. My daughter was at school, my husband at work and I was catching up on the laundry. It was a sunny spring day so I had all the blinds up and curtains open. I went upstairs to put away clothes in my daughters room when I froze in the doorway. There was a misty white shape of a little girl in a long dress {she had no feet and was floating off the floor and I could see the sunlight pass through her}. She had long hair and was teasing my daughters cat! She was even pulling on his tail which finally made him turn tail and fly out of the room and into the master bedroom. I stood there paralized as she looked my way and then instantly disappeared. Just after she vanished a very cold mass of air passed through me, I turned and I saw a mist heading towards the master bedroom. Guess she still wanted to play with the cat.

This was not dust mites floating in the sunbeam either as my husband rationalized, nor do I drink or smoke anything. And there were no windows open.

I went into the master bedroom and saw nothing. I then decided to try and have a word with "her". I explained she could stay if she wished, she was after all here first, but to leave us all alone especially my daughter. It never helped. Sometime later my daughter saw a white hand protrude out of the wall in her room and it motioned for her to come towards the wall. My daughter screamed for me and when I arrived in her room there was nothing there so she told me what she had seen and we went downstairs. My step-daughter saw her as well while she visited over the summer with us. She got up to use the bathroom one night and there she was, floating in the hall between the bedrooms glaring at my step-daughter. She disappeared in front of her and scared her so bad that we all ended up sleeping in the master bedroom together like a campout.

One day while everyone was out, including the cat, I was in the kitchen working on the nights dinner and noticed a strange light out of the corner of my eye. I slowly leaned back to see out the doorway to the living room, and there she was peeking at me from behind the sofa. As soon as she saw that I noticed she flew like a blur of light up the stairs.

Finally I dreamed of her death. I often dream things and feel things, it's been happening to me since I was little. She was, according to the dream, kidnapped by a large, evil, adult male, physically assaulted, and beaten to death. He rolled her in large layers of plastic and stuffed her into an overhead heating duct in an old house that use to be where the new military housing is. She wanted me to find her parents and let then know what happened to her. I researched what I could about the area but since it's all government land I found out nothing.

We've been gone from there for 2 years now and a new family lives in the house. I hope they get along OK with the ghostly little girl!

Kelly, WA, USA
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