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Little Girl Ghost (1)

Christine, NJ, USA
July 2001

My husband and I rented a small house for a year, and my brother lived with us. The house was only about 50 years old, and all we knew from one of the neighbors was that people never stayed very long. The last tenant was only there for six weeks, and according to the landlord, didn't even care about losing his deposit. Of course that was all he told us.

It was a cute little house, but wierd things happened there.

The first month we lived there, our central air was broken, and we had a window unit with a floor fan in front of it so it would blow the cold air towards the bedrooms. One night, I woke up at 4am (I never wake up until the alarm goes off). Where my bedroom was, I could see right out into the living room. I sat up in bed and saw what looked like a small, white blur. At first, I thought it was the fan, but then it moved. It was only about three feet high, but I didn't get up and investigate. What I did was throw the covers over my head and go back to sleep.

The next night, I told my husband and my brother about it, and they both laughed at me. So I brushed it off and figured I was half asleep and my mind was playing tricks on me.

Until about two months later, when my husband asked my brother why he yelled in the middle of the night. He said he was watching TV and must have dozed off, because "a little girl ran round the coffee table and stood in front of him on the couch. I said, "See, I told you there is something here".

That was the only thing we saw, but other things happened, like only one of the pictures I had on my computer desk would be moved when we came home, facing the wall and upside down Things would be missing from one spot, but then be there a week later, in the spot we looked for them in the first place.

My brother says today he had nightmares almost every night in that house, and since we have moved out, he hasn't had any. He said he always felt like there was someone/something in his room at night when he was sleeping.

The wierd thing is, we were never scared. We actually kind of made a joke out of it, and told one of our friends who is a scaredy cat, that one of the neighbors asked me one day why "my little girl" sits in the window and never comes out to play with the other kids.

Christine, NJ, USA
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