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Little Girl In The Bakery

Rachel, Ontario, Canada
June 2011

My friend Marnie lives in an apartment building which used to be a bakery that burnt down and there are rumours that a little girl died in the fire. I believe them to be true considering my experiences. This is story is a series of events occuring in the apartment.

One day creepy/weird things started happening in her apartment that everyone would experience except for her brother.One day just me and Marnie were there alone and in her computer room there are 2 chairs, one always against the wall and turned slightly, it was never moved and always stayed that way. So we were in the bathroom getting ready, and we heard weird noises like sqeeking and creeking so I went out and looked around and looked in the computer room. The chair was completly straight, and the picture had be pushed off the desk. Marnie had been in there alone and the picture would just go flying off the desk.

One day she and another one of our friends were there and her bedroom door can only be locked from the inside. So Marnie and the other girl were getting ready to go out and Marnie went to get something out of her room and the door was locked. There is no key for the door, she didnt lock it, that would be stupid. Then randomly it just opened. One day her mom saw the little girl running across the apartment, wearing a white dress.

Then one night Marnie and 2 other girls decided to a seance, at 3:00 AM. They sat in around her kitchen table with all the lights off and a few candles lit, all doors and windows closed. They started talking to the ghost. It was recently Marnies birthday and she had a tinfoilish birthday thing, and it started to move and make lots of noise, the cupboards started banging and then one girl got scared turned on the lights and called her mom and left. Ever since then nothing creepy has happened.

Rachel, Ontario, Canada
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