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Little Girl In The Bushes...And The Light

Kristy, NSW, Australia
August 2004

I have always been a big fan of ghost and UFO experiences but none ever seemed to happen to me. That is until one day a couple of years ago.

I was in year 11 at high school. Our photography teacher set an assignment for us to do in pairs. It was to take black and white photos to test our ability to contrast and develop film. My friend and I, both being ghost lovers, decided it would be exciting if we could capture ghosts on film.

So we arranged to go to our local cemetery. It was a beautiful clear day and no one was around. There are two sides to this cemetery. As you drive up the windy rocky driveway you come to a divide. On the left was the newly developed part and on the right was the old part where people who had died backdated to 1910s. We decided that we would probably have more luck on the old side.

So we started taking photos of old grave stones, graves with orchids around them and graves with special notes written on them. Eventually we had made our way up towards the end. This part of the cemetery backed onto a bush. As we got closer we noticed a small section of tombstones which had faded and small wooden crosses that had mould over them. They were in no particular order and mainly surrounded the bottoms of the trees. We tried to read some and soon discovered that this section of the cemetery belonged to children.

My friend and I soon felt really uneasy and started to feel like we were invading the dead. Almost like we were being disrespectful. We both left very quickly not looking back and as we were coming into the clearing we heard a little girl calling to us. She said 'Hey, wait for me'. It was so clear that my friend and I turned to each other with confused looks on our faces and then turned back around to face the bush where the girls voice had come from. No one was there. We continued to walk away and never looked back.

There could only be one explanation for this.. maybe there was a little girl in the bushes. But, who would leave her out there in the middle of nowhere? She still confuses me to this day. Why did she want to come with us? What happened to her? I will never forget her voice. We developed the photos later but had captured nothing. The strange thing is when we started to develop the children photos they had all been exposed.

I did have a UFO experience once but wasn't as personal as my ghost experience.

I was standing out the front of our house with my mother. We looked up at this red light in the sky. At first we thought it was a plane on fire. It was moving very fast downwards and as it got closer it stopped in mid air. Then slowly it disappeared. It was amazing, it just hovered for what felt like 2 hours.

Anyway, they have been the only two experiences in my life and I hope to experience more. I love to read other peoples experiences and hope that you enjoyed mine.

Kristy, NSW, Australia
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