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Little Girl in the Storage Room

Jennifer Alvelais, CA, USA
November 2009

This took place about two years ago in the Queen Mary ship. I had previously been there at least 2 or 3 times before and had never experienced any paranormal activity. However in the summer, me and my family decided to take another trip to the famous Queen Mary ship.

As usual, I start off my tour with the boiler rooms, it seemed awfully quiet that day, and pretty cold for it to be summer. We proceeded to another part of the ship exiting the boiler rooms and something caught my eye. There was this door that had a curtain with a sign that said "Do Not Enter". Of course, I really wanted to go in so I pushed my mom and dad to come with me.

Inside was a luxurious dance floor which felt very eerie upon entering. I was already getting a strange feeling and yet I pushed it even further and we entered some sort of storage room.

Things got very uncomfortable, and I could feel that someone was in there. My mom and dad, couldn't bear to be in the room and told me to leave but I stayed, they left. I sat on a box, and tried listening, and I hear laughter, from a little girl. I was getting uncomfortable and just then I felt a fabric brush against my bare leg. Felt like a dress, it felt more like it was made some type of soft material like satin. There were no fabrics in that room, just old boxes and even a couch. This got me to scared and I quickly left the room. I told my mom and dad what had happened and of course they didn't believe me.

Even after sensing a strange presence. I have yet to go back and capture an E.V.P.

Jennifer Alvelais, CA, USA
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