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Little Girl Lost (1)

Minnesota, USA
March 1999

These ghostly experiences happened to my friend James (I've changed his name). Since he doesn't have internet access, I have taken it upon myself to share this story with you as it is interesting, but most is true.

James has lived in his family home in St. Paul since the mid-seventies. His bedroom is more of a suite with a sitting room, bathroom, hallway and bedroom. The door leading to his room is the first atop the grand foyer staircase. James' house is quite old and is composed of a main (or original) house along with two additions that were constructed by James family. His rooms are part of the original house.

Anyway, here's the story...

Before James' parents purchased the house, they were aware that years before, a small girl had drowned in one of the bathtubs. The bathtub in which she drowned just so happens to be the one in James' part of the house. James' bedroom once belonged to the little girl. I think her name was Gwendolyn.

One night James was relaxing in his sitting room and watching television. One of his guitars was leaning against the closet door, just outside of the hallway that led to his bathroom and bedroom. He heard the lowest string on his guitar sound (sorry, I don't play guitar... would it be the G string?). James looked over at his guitar and watched as all of the strings, lowest to highest, were plucked as if someone was strumming the guitar. James, who was aware of the possibility of little Gwendolyn haunting his rooms simply said, " like music too."

A few weeks later, after James had told his friends about the incident with the guitar, he and his friends gathered in the house's main living room to summon Gwendolyn. They all sat in a circle, holding hands, and calling to Gwendolyn to make herself visible. Some shut their eyes, others kept theirs open. After trying for quite some time, all noticed themselves staring straight at the child-sized rocking chair James' mother kept in the living room. Slowly the shape of a small girl with long blond hair became visible to them. Gwendolyn was sitting in the rocking chair. Whispers of, "Do you see what I see?" flew through the group. Suddenly James, realizing that he was actually seeing the ghost who shared his room, uttered a profanity. They all watched as the little girl pouted, then vanished from her chair. All were horrified as they saw a large section of James' bare upper arm pucker and turn red; Gwendolyn had pinched him. Of course they all fled the house in an incredulous panic. James did not return home for several weeks out of fright.

James' mother was a stage actress who had always been interested in the paranormal. When she heard what had occurred between James, his friends and the ghost girl, she called a psychic investigator to inspect the house for possible centers of activity. The psychic's findings were definitive. The area most likely to be haunted were the areas of James' bedroom, bathroom and sitting room. It was the ghost of a little girl, the investigator said, who had drowned in the bathtub.

Minnesota, USA
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