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Little Girl Outside My Bedroom

Adam Wondolowski, CA, USA
May 2000

Isaw a ghost this morning (May 19th, 2000) and couldn't fall asleep until 5 am.....

It was about 1:30 A.M. It was semi bright in my room from the bathroom light being on. I heard my friend Jesse drive up, so I opened my bedroom door to go out, and a little girl about 3 to 4 feet tall, was standing there..... I jumped back because it startled me, and when I looked back she was gone...

She was Green, and I couldn't make out features of her face or body.. but she had a dress on.... she had long hair.. and I couldn't see her feet. She was about 1 foot away from me.

What do you think??? I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GHOSTS... it counters my beliefs on life and death, and carrying a physical form beyond death... BUT .. this is the second time I've seen something like this.... it was the same style of "ghost" I saw at Julia's mom's house in Colorado (my girlfriend)...he was also green, and I could only make out the fact that it was a man... I couldn't see eyes, a nose or mouth... and I remember he didn't have feet either....What he did to startle me was:

I was lying in bed with her, my arm was over her.. and we were facing the same way. I looked up and a man was standing over us looking down at us. As soon as he saw me look at him, he floated up and over the bed, until I FREAKED, and turned on the lights. AGAIN, I couldn't fall asleep until the sun came up.

DAMNIT... what was it??? Has anybody ever seen anything like this, I'm 22, NO Drugs or BOOZE in my system either night... And the visions were to strong for it to be my eyes playing tricks on me.

Thanks all


Adam Wondolowski, CA, USA
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