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Little Girls Intuition

NSW, Australia
March 2002

It all started about 4 years ago, when my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins moved to an old house in Adelaide.

I had a 2 week holiday to their place, just to help them settle into their new house. Their neighbours were really friendly and invited us to a barbecue that night.

That night when we went to the barbecue, my Aunty was talking to the neighbours and they said that her house is rumored to be haunted. My Aunty didn't believe them and then changed the subject.

That night I had to sleep in my cousin Kanes room and around 2 in the morning everyone was asleep except me. Then all of a sudden I hear a sad voice saying, "Daddy...Mummy...Felicity.....where are you?" I then freaked out and woke up Kane, and stood at the door with him. Then I nearly screamed, I saw the ghost of a little girl walking up the hall, and I froze to that spot. The ghost looked at us then kept on walking down the hallway.....calling out again. Then when she got to the end of the hallway, she disappeared. We then went back to bed and we didn't hear from the ghost for the rest of the night.

In the morning I went up to my Aunt and told her my story, this time she believed me as she had heard the ghost too. Kane and I went out to socialize with other kids and got into a discussion about the story behind the ghost.

Apparently the ghost was a girl who was named Tabatha, who lived with her parents and her big sister Felicity about 20 years ago, who lived in my Aunty's house. One day they went to church and when they were driving home a pickup truck slammed in the side of the car and killed little Tabatha. She was 8 at the time. A month after her death, the parents and Felicity were so full of grief that they moved away. After they left the house started to be haunted by a ghost and has been ever since.

I am now 17 and I still remember vividly the sadness that swept through me when she talked to me at night. She still haunts that old house, and will probably with haunt it for many years more.

NSW, Australia
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