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Little Green Men

August 2001

This is not a story, it is a true event. The account is about an experience that my grandfather had, and was told to me by him and my dad. There is only one witness to this account, which is of my grandmother. Here's the story:

In the 60's my grandparents had a farm near present day Citrus Heights (a suburb of Sacramento). One night, around 9PM, a storm broke out and it was pouring rain. My grandfather, grandmother, my aunt, and my dad were in the living room discussing the weekend plans.

My grandfather said to my grandmother "Do you hear that?"
"No Bill, what is it?"
"Sounds like the sheep have gotten out"
My dad and aunt stayed in doors while my grandfather and my grandmother tended to the sheep. Grandpa chased a sheep back into the gate while my grandmother closed it. When my grandmother turned back around she saw my grandfather looking into the sky. "Bill, are you alright?"
No response.
Out of a nowhere a metallic object comes flying out of the sky and stops 20 feet above my grandfather. My grandfather later recalled that he could see "people" inside the craft wearing what looked like blue jump suits. He also said that the people looked human, and they all had long blonde hair and blue eyes. My grandmother saw the same thing and confirmed his account.

After what seemed to be about a minute, grandma said to grandpa:
"Bill, get the hell away from it!"
My grandfather did just that, he did a full sprint to the house. He later said that the reason why he was answering my grandmother was because he was in some sort of trance and couldn't take his eyes off the craft. He later told my dad about what happened.

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