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Little Indian Girl

Emmy, FL, USA
August 2004

Late last year my family and I were coming home from the movies, around 9:30. When my dad unlocked the door all of us heard a weird/odd sound coming from the back of the house, unfortunately my room happens to be in the back of the house. Terrified, I pushed my dad in first to check it out, although he found nothing.

My family and I ended up blowing it off and watched some T. V show until around 11:00. By then my parents were off to bed, leaving my sister, my brother and I up alone. At that time, my brother left us to take a "long" shower and my sister decided to try to get some sleep.

I was left alone watching some T. V show when I hear the noise again. Scared I woke up my sister to see if she can hear it too. She was too tired to notice anything, shrugged it off, and fell back asleep.

My room happened to be near my sisters, at the end of the hallway. I decided to go change into my p. J's. When I was coming back down the hallway my mother had left some picture frames she wanted to hang, at the end of the hallway, which reflected like mirrors. As I went to turn the corner towards the kitchen something caught my eye that reflected off of the frame, that stood in my doorway. Nervously I turned to see what it was and there stood a little girl of Indian descent, with a white dress, and long black hair and red marks around her neck. As our eyes met, the noise I heard before was very intense and I freaked out and screamed for my brother, the only other one awake. As I screamed for him, the little Indian girl walked to the back wall of my room and disappeared.

I told my mother about this story over and over again, not once did she believe me. Yet, about a year later when she went to wake my sister up for school and was packing her lunch something caught her eye in the room next to her. She saw a little girl and thought it was my sister sneaking up behind her. My mother walked to the room to catch her, but there was nothing there. She hesitated and then thought to check on my sister to see if she was all right, and there she was still sound asleep. My mother then came storming into my room, panicky asking "Did she have a white dress? and black hair," and I answered "yes she did..... you saw her didn't you," and my mother just replied "yes, I did."

I looked up our house history later that same year and came to find out that our house is built upon an Indian Burial Ground.

Emmy, FL, USA
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