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Little Lost Spirit

Tippy, Indiana, USA
January 2007

Twenty three years ago when my husband Charlie and I were first married we were looking for a place to rent that was closer to where he worked. Well we found a mobile home that was on a piece of property with a pond and another mobile home. The rent was pretty cheap so we decided to take a look at it. First I have to tell you I have always been very sensitive to spirits and ghosts, but never afraid of them.

The day we went to look at the mobile home it was in the afternoon so it was kind of dark inside, as I walked down the hall I could see out of the corner of my eye a figure following along beside me, and I could feel a presence. We both liked the home and decided to rent it.
Later that night I told Charlie that the trailer was haunted and he said "are you sure?" and I said "oh yes I'm sure". Then he asked me if I still wanted to live there, I told him I did, because it wasn't a feeling of anything evil, it didn't scare me.

So the next weekend we moved in. We were both very happy there, I forgot to mention that I had a 3 year old daughter from a previous marriage and she loved her new room.

The first time the ghost or spirit let itself be known was one day after my daughter and I had been shopping and brought the grocery's in and put everything away. I put a bottle of dishwashing liquid above the kitchen sink and the next time I went to get it it was gone. My husband and I searched the entire kitchen for it. We took out everything from the cabinets and it was nowhere to be found. Well the next day I opened the cabinet above the sink and there it sat right where I had placed it the day before.

The next time the ghost let itself be known, I had my daughter standing in a kitchen chair at the sink washing her hair, and across the room on the table I had the radio on and all at once the radio just went off. Well I rinsed off my hands and went over to it thinking maybe it had a short in the volume, and turned the knob and it clicked and turned back on. Just as if someone had turned it off.

A couple weeks later my ex husband came by and picked my daughter up so she could spend a week with him for the summer. That night after Charlie and I had gone to bed I decided to read for a little while before going to sleep. First I must tell you that my daughters room was down the hall from ours and that our hall had no carpet on it, just tile.
As I was preparing to go to sleep and had just turned out the light and lay down, I heard a little child giggle, at first thinking it was my daughter Mindy, then realizing she wasn't at home, she had gone with her dad. Then all at once I heard the sound of little feet pitter patter down the hall heading towards my bedroom, and the giggling still going on. I lay there as quiet as I could be while the sound of the little running feet came all the way into my room and to the side of my bed and stopped right beside me. I heard the giggle of a small child, there was no one there. And then as suddenly as it had come, it turned and went back, and I could hear the pitter patter of the little feet and giggling as the little ghost child ran away down the hall.

I realized my home was haunted by the spirit of a child. That's why when I came here for the first time and realized there was a ghost I wasn't frightened. I wonder if the child had lived in the farm house that once stood here. There was a pond on this property, maybe the child had drowned here?. I never did find out. But wile I lived there I became pregnant with my son. And I never again saw or heard anything strange again. Could it be possible that my son is the spirit of that lost child?

Tippy, Indiana, USA
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