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Little Old Lady Creature

October 2004

This is a true story about my Mom when she was a little girl, and I would really like to share it with you. Since this "thing" in the story has no English name and is not well known because it's from Thailand, I will do my best to describe it to you.

This little "old lady" is not your typical old lady. She is like a zombie that has returned from the dead and is in the form of flesh and I suppose cold blood. She is always a very old female, her eyes are slanted vertically (not horizontal like you and me), her hair is long and black, reaching and sweeping the ground beneath her.

Her fingers are clumped together, kind of like a lobster claw. It looks like this: Lay your fingers out, palms facing you, take your ring finger and put it on top of your pinkie, you have to curl your ring finger a bit to make it stay put, then put you middle finger on top of your ring finger and lastly put your index finger on top of your middle finger. Yes, it's hard to do, but I know everyone has done it once in there life before.

She is very short, only 3'4", and lastly her feet are backwards (another type has the feet on different legs, like left feet on right leg and vice versa). She is said to take little children away and eat them or make them her own (kind of like a witch). She does take grown men and women as well and is not limited to children. She is believed to live deep in the thick untouched forest of South East Asia along with many other "things".

One day my Mom, who was very little back then, about 5 yrs old, went to the farm with my grandpa and grandma. The farm area is located miles away from the village. The only way to reach the farm was by foot, so you must go early so you can leave early before the sun sets.

When they reached the farm, my grandpa saw something near the corn field in a hunched position. He assumed it was a scarecrow until he saw it move. He then pointed it out to my mom and grandma. My mom had no clue of what that thing could be.

Its black hair covered the whole back of it, and it was very short, like a little kid. My mom thought it was a little girl and decided to run towards it to play with her. As she ran closer to it, my grandpa shouted in a loud voice for her to run back. That thing heard my grandpa and spun around. My mom for the first time saw this unhuman thing, which still hunts her to this day.

Its odd freaky eyes were in the wrong position, its dry white wrinkly skin, its claw like fingers and backward feet. My mom was frozen with fear as that thing walked closer to her. Its lips were stained with dry blood, and its eyes seemed to hypnotize her. She couldn't move or run. Then my grandpa grab a stick and ran towards that old lady thing. The old lady seemed frightened and ran into the corn fields. My grandpa then grabbed my mom and they all walked quickly home in silence.

When they reach the village, my grandpa gathered other men and they all headed to the farm in search of this thing. The old lady can be killed, but must be burnt so it does not return again. When they reached the farm it was dark, the men separated and searched the whole area but found nothing. Then a man went into the nearby woods to urinate. Upon reaching it, he screamed, there in front of him was a dead body of a little boy about 2 yrs old. The head was gone and the arms and legs has been gnawed off. They quickly buried the body and concluded that it was that old lady who did this. The men were very frightened by now and they all ran home and never looked back as they rushed through the old lonely path back to the village.

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