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Little One

Anonymous, USA
December 2008

Nine years ago me and my mom moved into a small two bedroom apartment. At that time I was seven. It was our first apartment on our own, so we were really excited. Three months went by and
everything was normal until then. My mom's friend was staying with us for a little bit.

She would sleep in the living room and me and my mom in our own rooms. Then one night I was woken up by someone screaming so I went into the living room and saw that it was my mom's friend screaming, but she was still sleeping. So I went into my mom's room to wake her up and tell her what had happened. Then we went into the living room and tried waking her up. She woke up sweating and out of breath. My mom asked her if she was okay and her friend said that she felt that someone was choking her and that she could see a little girl, she got scared and didn't go to sleep for the rest of the night. This would happen to her at least once every week. She got tired of it and went to her parent's house.

We thought that she was the one that had brought it into our house and we hoped it left with her. All was normal for like two weeks. Now I had this little cash register and when you would open and close it, it would make a noise. One night I slept with my mom in her room and my mom woke up to the noise of the buttons being pushed on my toy. She could hear it open and close. She just blew it off and went back to sleep. The next day when I woke up she told me about it and it creeped me out because it had happened in my room. So I stated to sleep with my mom in her room. Then one night I had that toy and
brought it with me to my mom's room. At night it started playing with it in my mom's room. My mom got so mad she picked up the toy and threw it across the hall into my room. Then you could hear the
buttons being pushed in my room. A week later my mom brought me a balloon and I left it in the living room. Then later that day in the afternoon you could see the red balloon just bouncing its way into my
room. And since I wouldn't stay in my room it was dark in there. The next day my mom told her friend, the one that was living with us, what had happened while she was gone. My mom's friend told us that in her dreams that little girl would talk to her and would say her name was "star" and that she lived there. Then my mom's friend said that when she left she didn't have any more dreams like that. So we figured there was obviously something in our home. We eventually cleansed the house and everything stopped.

But from time to time when you walk into my mom's room you feel as if you're being watched from inside the closet.

Anonymous, USA
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