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Little People

Jayne Kamal, CA, USA
December 2002

I have three stories to share. One is my experience, the other is my mother-in-laws experience and the third is from a co-worker of mine.

My story: It was around 1974. My older sister and I were home by ourselves. I think my mom, dad, younger brother and younger sister were, as usual, at a baseball game. My sister and I were baking chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen. We had a kitchen counter that we used to sit on barstools at, and we were standing on the opposite side in the kitchen placing the dough on a cookie sheet. We were leaning up against the counter and looking out the glass patio door at our back yard. Some movement in the back yard got our attention. We saw something come flying over the neighbor's fence to our left. It floated up over the fence, across our yard, and over the fence to our neighbors on the right. For awhile after our sighting my sister and I stood there in shock or a trance. I remember I literally shook my head and looked at my sister. I said, "Did you just see.........then she said, "A little man on a motorcycle......then I said, "Float across our back yard?!!!" We both started laughing and couldn't believe it.

I can't explain what it was. It looked like a little leprechaun (no he wasn't dressed in green) on a miniature motorcycle floating across our backyard. We ran outside to peek over the fence and couldn't find a thing.

My co-worker's story: Susan swears that when she was little, she was upstairs in her bedroom playing. She heard something tapping on the window and saw a little man there. She called him Jiminie Cricket. In fact that's what he said his name was. She let him in and they talked and played a while. Then he went out the window and climbed down the ivy to the ground. He came back a few times and they played and then he never showed up again. I asked her if he looked like the Walt Disney character Jiminie Cricket. She said no, she couldn't really describe him to me, but he was a little tiny man. She told me this story when we were adults after I shared my little leprechaun tale. Both of us were really kinda embarrassed to share our tales. Who would believe us?

My Mother-in-Laws story: When she was about 15 and living in what was then Palestine she was cleaning the house. She flipped over a couch cushion to clean it and swears she saw three little people. She screamed, dropped the cushion and ran out of the room. Her Mom and Dad came running to see what the problem was and she told them what happened. Of course they thought she was crazy. Especially when she flipped over the cushion again and nothing was there. She is 75 years old now and still swears this is true.

Jayne Kamal, CA, USA
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