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Little White House

Jeff, NC, USA
September 2005

It was about nine years ago that I was introduced to my fiance. I had been warned by a few people that strange things seem to happen when she's around, and that she is Wiccan, and seems to have the ability of precognition.

As I got to know her, she had more ghost stories than the horror section at a library! I thought to myself, 'How can so much happen to one person?!' I will not deny, that I had never, seen, felt, or even heard a ghost before I met that girl!

As we fell in love, I was still very sceptical about ghosts, and we would even get in little arguments about it sometimes.

Both of us fed up with one another one day, she exclaimed full of tears, "The next time I encounter a strange spirit, I am sending it to you so that you will believe me!" Whatever! I thought not realizing what a jerk I was really being until that one night that she did happen to encounter a strange spirit.

My friend Bob, ( I will call him, and lets call my girl Stacy), Stacy and I moved to a house on Roxboro Road, a place between town and country side. It was a cute little house, and I knew Stacy would love it.

When you entered the front door, you were in the living room. To the right, there was a door way leading to the dining room, then kitchen, (separated by a bar type thingy), and the back door led to a sun room. To the rear of the living room, there was a small hallway. To the left was our master bedroom, straight ahead the bathroom, and to the right, Bob's room.

Right after moving in, Stacy professed there were two ghosts in the house. One of an old woman, in a moo moo, or old lady night gown so to speak that had pink floral designs, and snap buttons down the front. And then she said there was the other one, she could not quite discern, but she was sure he died a horrible death. Not wanting to start another argument about the subject, I kept my mouth shut as she talked to Bob about this.

One night we were all sitting in the couch, and Bob and I played video games while Stacy studied. After a round of fighting, Bob looks up at the door way, and says, "Who are you?"
I was like "Huh?"
And he said he had seen an old woman just standing in the door way watching us. Stacy said it was the old woman without even looking up from her book.

That wasn't the strangest thing that happened though. It wasn't long before things started going missing. Me, being the rational person I am, thought I had either misplaced it, or maybe one of Bob's friends had taken them, just depending. One day I got really mad.

I was home alone, and had set the money inside a bill on the coffee table while I got ready to go out and pay it. When I had showered and dressed, I came out to retrieve the bill, but the whole thing was gone! I checked the house, finding nobody there but me. Then I checked the doors, and found they were still locked from when Stacy and Bob went to work together earlier. I decided to go get a soda while I sat and thought about what I had done with the money. I opened the cabinet to get a glass, and there was the bill with the money sitting right on top of the glasses. I took it and left in a hurry feeling a little strange.

I said nothing to Stacy and Bob about it. Later that night, I went to bed early to get a jump start on traffic the next morning. I lay in bed very tired, but no mater how hard I tried, I could not go to sleep.

Bob and Stacy were in the living room watching a movie and chatting. Try as I might I could not sleep. I tossed and turned, and just felt completely uncomfortable! Then I had this feeling that I was not alone. "Stacy?" I called out to the room, but got no answer. "Bob?" Still no reply. I rolled over onto my back, and peered into the darkness of the closet ahead of me.

Then I thought I saw something move. I heard Stacy and Bob laugh from the livingroom. Then I had a bright idea, "If somebody is in here, give me a sign." I said out loud, barely audible. Then I felt pressure at the end of the bed to the right of where my feet were laying. My heart began to pump hard, and I noticed it got really cold in the room. Being a hot southern summer, and knowing the central heating and air had a hard time keeping this particular room cool in the summer, I got a little wierded out. Then I felt whatever it was move, as if it were dragging itself forward by its hands on the bed. The sheet from under me moved, and I could see in the little bit of light I had from outside, the bed was smooshing from under the pressure. I froze, I thought I might be grabbed if I decided to move. I didn't know what to do never have been in this situation before. Just then, I smelled a really bad smell, like rotting, and I could feel someone breathing on my face. Then I heard a faint voice of a male say, "Seeeeeeee," and there were two flashes of green light, and the smell got worse. I felt paralyzed, and ignorant for not knowing what to do! I got chills all over, and felt like I was going to die, along with this really bad feeling emanating from the area where the smell was coming from. I heard raspy breathing, like gurgling breathing.

All of a sudden, the door flew open, and Stacy said in a booming, commanding voice I had never heard her use, "Hey! What are you doing in here! YOu get out! He has to pay for this house, and needs his sleep. You come hang out with us in the living room if you want, but leave him alone!" The smell disappeared, and Stacy sat on the side of the bed and laughed. "So that's what you're supposed to look like when YOu see a ghost!" I couldn't find any words to say, still in shock. She kissed me on my forehead and told me to get some rest.

I remember asking how she knew there was something in here and she said, she felt it. It was in Bob's room, and she saw it's shadow walk into the room while she was coming out of the bathroom. I asked who it was, and she said it was a friend of the previous owner who got shot in the chest over a bad drug deal. I asked her how she knew this, and she said it was in the paper for one, and for another thing, the first time she ever has a good contact from ghosts, it is like she has to see how they died. She hates it, but that's how it is. She recalled passing by the house on the way to a cook out in the country and seeing the police tape a few years before too.

Needless to say, I wanted the ghost gone, so we tried to send it into the light. It did not work. Stacy said he refused to believe he was dead. Things started to get crazier around that place. There would be hand prints on the mirrors, and windows in the bathroom, much bigger than any of our small hands. We would wake up in the morning to find the refrigerator wide open. I would wake in the night and hear the gurgling breathing and hearty coughs. What drew the last straw was when I came home to find Stacy and Bob ducking behind an overturned coffee table, and her books, snow globes, old toys, and knick knacks were being thrown at them from across the room from her shelf. We stayed that night pitching in on a hotel, and moved out little by little as things like that would start to happen as soon as we got a good packing routine going. We all stayed at our parents homes before while we looked for another home.

I know that if I had heard this happening to someone else about two years ago, I would have believed it as a fiction being told. But now, now I know Stacy, and I know we are not alone. She says they are everywhere, and I now believe her with out an argument. If it weren't for that ghost, who knows if my beautiful Stacy and I would still be together today. I really hurt her feelings with some of the things I would say in disbelief, but now I know, and I have tried opening my mind to keep an eye out for things she sees. Sometimes I feel, hear or see them, sometimes not, but I can believe her now when she says there is one there.

Thank you for reading!

Jeff, NC, USA
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