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Living With A Spirit

Rachel, GA, USA
March 2002

When I was about 5 or 6 years old my family and I moved into this house in Dearborn Michigan. When we moved in we were happy because the person who rented it came down on the price of it and did not make us pay a security deposit. Apparently they really wanted to rent it. Anyway the first week was normal as any other week, but then wierd things started to happen, keep in mind that I am only 5-6.

This house was a one level with hard wood floors, and an attic that had a permanent staircase leading up to it. It also had a basement that was not quite finished. I guess technically it could be tri level but whatever. Any way weird things started to happen.

One day my mom was in the livingroom folding clothes when all of the sudden right in front of her, some kind of shadow formed on the wall and ran the length of it to the attic stairway and up into the attic. It freaked her out but it wasn't enough to scare her away. Not yet anyway.

Another wierd thing was that my older sister got up in the middle of the night to get something from the kitchen (our kitchen had one of those old time swinging doors) and noticed that the door was swinging slightly in and out as if there were a breeze blowing it. She proceeded into the kitchen and stopped dead in her tracks. There on the kitchen table sat an image of a grown man with a shotgun and his head in his arms. Now to me, I would have woke someone up or ran out of the house, but she went back to bed and didn't say anything until the next morning.

Other normal haunting thing happened like (and this is really wierd but....) the owners of the house still had alot of their belongings in the house, tools, tables, craft equipment and other things like that. These things would be moved around, and it wasn't like the normal moving type things. Us kids or our dad would move something somewhere and turn around to get it and it would be in it's original spot.

Within three days time all three of us girls got hurt pretty bad in freak accidents. I was first, we were playing outside by the garage, and this garage was separate from the house and it also had an old time door, the kind that is all wood and it just flips up and is not on a track. Anyway we were all playing, it was a beautiful sunny day with no wind or anything like that. We were racing each other up the driveway towards the garage and all of the sudden a cup of water knocked over, I fell and the garage door came down on my head. I busted my mouth wide open and had to go to the emergency room.

The next incident was with my little sister. My mom was giving her a bath the next night after my accident and went to get her out of the tub. My mom was holding her with a towel around her and she slipped an fell and busted her chin wide open. She had to go to the emergency room.

The last bad accident that happened was to my older sister. We were outside on the 4th of July with my parents lighting those sparkler things. Every time one would fizzle out my dad would take it and put it near him away from us kids. Well out of nowhere, my sister starts screaming that her foot was on fire and boy was she hysterical. My dad ran over to her and picked her up. My mom was right there with them to get whatever had burned her and could find nothing, but my sister had a horrible burn on her that required the emergency room.

This is unusual to me because neither before nor after living in this house things like those accidents never happened especially all three girls in only three days??

Then there is the matter of the odd stain in the livingroom by the front door, and the fact that every time we mowed our lawn the grass would always be 2-3 feet high by the next day, and always brown like the grass you would see in fields or pastures. And we also had an apple tree in the backyard, it grew big red apples that looked so good to eat, but whenever we picked them they would turn brown and rot.

Other things happened there but it was told by some of my family. What I write here are mostly what I experienced and or was in the house when it happened and found out soon after. Needless to say we only lived in the house for 2 month's and what we found out, that confirmed our moving decision was this:

There was a husband and wife who owned the house (related to the people who rented it) well the wife passed away in the house, from what I don't know and apparently the husband couldn't live without her so he committed suicide by a shotgun wound to the head. The stain by the front door was his blood that when cleaned would not come all the way out. That spot is where they found him.

One thing I forgot to mention is that every one in the house came down with flu like symptoms in the middle of summer for no reason. It could have been a bug but it also could have been something else. Anyway one more piece of advice before I finish. If you find a really low rental or sales price on an older house or a house that has been lived in, do your research about it first, because you may just be moving in to a scary situation. People don't always tell you the truth on the history of houses.

Please e-mail me with questions or comments or if you lived in Dearborn MI in a haunted house or if you just want give your opinion.

Rachel, GA, USA
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