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Local Cemetary

Morgan, OK, USA
October 2010

I have been interested in spirits, ghosts whatever you like to call them for many years. Me and my husband and some friends decided to visit a known haunted cemetery not far from our home. We brought cameras, camcorder and EMF meter to see what we could catch!

So around 2am we made our way into the cemetery with an instant feeling of being watched! This cemetery is pretty much in the middle of a cow pasture, so there was no one around it to see us.

We began taking pictures and in the first few saw many orbs and strange mists. We walked to the back, down a trail and continued to take pictures. All of the sudden my friend's camera with new batteries went completely dead and turned off! I was capturing mists that rose directly off an old head stone!

My friend put new batteries in her camera and again it went dead and could not be used! For some odd reason mine did not and I continued to take pictures! All of the sudden we all begin to smell a horrible dead smelling odor so strong you could taste it on the back of your tongue - a smell as if something was freshly buried or perhaps an evil spirit?

We then began hearing in the woods what sounded like talking, screaming and twigs breaking or trees moving! As we made our way back up front I took more pictures and in many of them the mist covered all of the photo as if it was right in front of us.

We noticed on the path walking back there was now a silk flower laying in the path that was not there when we made our way to the back! The smell was gone as suddenly as it had come, and there was no trace of it for a few minutes. As we continued to take pictures the smell returned stronger than before!

We stayed for a few hours then went home. The next day me and my friend made a trip out to this cemetery to look around and I brought the photos I had taken. As we sat down to look at them the wind picked up so much the pictures were nearly pulled from our hands! Then the awful smell of something dead returned and the wind died instantly. We began to look at the photos again and yet again the wind picked up! I assume something or someone did not want us looking at these photos where were, so we left.

Once I returned home I noticed a smell on me and my clothes and skin. It was the exact same smell as from the cemetery. It smelt like death and something rotting! I called my friend and she said the exact same thing! I believe in ghosts and we know something was with us that night and the next day and whatever it was left its smell on us!

Morgan, OK, USA
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