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Lock The Doors/Watching My Child

Megan, NC, USA
October 2007

Back in 2005, due to me living in a very bad area, my father took a loan out, bought a house (a 14x80 mobile home), and moved my son, my now ex-husband, and myself out onto our family farm.

I grew up on this farm, and I knew already that the "big house" was haunted. Nothing really big, we even know the gentleman's name. Just little annoying things.
Willie's more playful and/or helpful than anything; he even caught my sister once when she fell on the stairs. It didn't occur to me, however, that the property is also haunted.

My husband at the time, Jason, worked 3rd shift, which left me alone all night with our newborn son, Jason Jr.
Jr is and was a VERY good baby. He never cried, I even had to guess when he needed his diaper changed, or when he was hungry. He was also a very happy baby, always smiling when he saw someone smile at him, but he wouldn't laugh unless actually tickled or made faces at: he needed some sort of stimuli to actually laugh out loud. Well, as soon as we moved in, in November, little things started. Footsteps up and down the hallway, feeling someone behind me at the very computer I'm sitting at now, little noises at night. One of the major things was that at night, I tend not to lock the doors. We live in a VERY rural area, no cell signal, no DSL, no cable, only dial-up internet is available, or satellite for the TV. So I just never really got into the habit of locking doors after living out here off and on for ten years. Heck, I only lived in that rough area for 2 years during college, until I gave birth to Jr.

The first few nights was when the noises started.
Something would fall in the living room, or the footsteps behind me would persist, and even on one occasion, our "friend" hit the wall next to me while I was in the bathroom. Thankfully I was already on the toilet, otherwise I would have very likely wet myself! I didn't put it together until a month later, that the noises stopped for the night when I locked the doors!! So, from then on, I would lock the doors when my ghost made the first noise, and he would leave me alone. He also has taken a liking to my son.

From the very first night, I would hear the footsteps sometimes go all the way into Jr's room, and then Jr would giggle! Like I said before, he never laughed out loud unless he was stimulated with a funny face or something! Even during the day, when I would play with him, he would stare and smile at something in the room or something down the hallway that I couldn't see, or giggle for no reason. The thing that totally blew my mind though, was when Daddy showed up with a baby monitor for me, a month after we'd moved in. The first night I set it up, testing it, I heard a male voice say, "Hi." I freaked, thinking someone had broken into my house, especially when Jr started laughing and cooing immediately after! I ran into the room with a weapon (a huge fork that normally hangs on the wall, it looks like a pitchfork), the first thing I could grab, and nothing was there, except for a cool (not ice cold, just cool) spot next to the crib.

A week later, it happened again, but I couldn't understand what he said on the monitor, I freaked a little, but not as bad, and checked it out. Same deal, just the baby looking at the spot next to his crib, not even acknowledging my presence. When Jr was very sick, running a fever of 105, and in and out of the doctor's almost everyday, the footsteps and noises were insanely constant. The ghost was always checking on my son, actually making ME feel guilty, because he was checking on him FAR more often than I was! And he would make noise in the computer room if I lost track of time and didn't get up at least every 30 minutes to check on my son, who at the time was sleeping, and I didn't want to bother him (let a sleeping babe lie!). It was cool, though, I appreciated his concern more than anything, even if it was exasperating. He's also made noise once, when someone tried to break into the house, which roused me from sleep just in time to hit the lights and scare off the intruders. I don't think he's the only ghost, either. When the TVs are off and the house is silent, except for the air conditioners, I swear I can hear game shows.

My ex-husband complained of it when he lived here as well, but he only heard it when I wasn't home. I'm wondering if this particular ghost came with the house to begin with, perhaps an elderly person that liked to watch TV and passed on, but doesn't really cause much of a ruckus.
The ghost that's noisy, however, I'm convinced is a Civil war soldier. The "big house" was built before the war, and my house sits right next to one of the old barns on the property. That barn, as it turns out, was used to shelter the wounded during the Battle of Stoney Creek, a small skirmish that took place on the backside of our 50-acre farm. My son will be two in two weeks, and he still stares at things I can't see. And now that he can talk a little bit, he also waves and says "Hi!!" to whomever is standing in the hallway. The footsteps are less frequent, now that my boyfriend has moved in with us, apparently our friend is satisfied that Jr and I are well cared for and protected, but he was rather noisy when I kicked the ex-husband out and was a single mom for several months. Justin, my boyfriend, hears him once in awhile, and he also hears the game shows when I'm away at work.

Megan, NC, USA
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