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Starr-Maiden Marie, TX, USA
October 2003

This happened when I was about 12 or so, in a house that my uncle owned and lived in before renting it to my mom,step-dad and myself.

The house had a history of strange occurrences and unexplained noises. One of the most memorable experiences happened to myself and an uncle that was staying with us. It isn't really scary, just weird.

The doorknob to his room was messed up and couldn't be locked or you'd have to remove the entire doorknob and we warned him about this when he moved in.

One night we were all going out to eat and I followed him to his room to get his wallet and saw him leave the door open and turn off the light. A couple of hours later we got home and we could see through the windows that the light to his room was on. I pointed it out to him and he thought he'd just left it on but I was with him and I remember that I reminded him to turn off the light.

We went inside and my mom and dad went to their room and I went with my uncle to see what was up with the room and the door was closed, at that point I got scared and thought that maybe someone tried to break in and I even told my uncle that but we have hurricane shutters on our windows and theres no way to get in unless you uninstall them which would make too much noise to do and be unnoticed.

He tried opening the door but it was locked from the inside and I didn't believe him, I thought he was trying to scare me until I tried the door myself and it WAS locked.

We went to tell my mom what happened and she said to get a screwdriver becuase thats all thats going to help. So my uncle went to get a screwdriver and was gone for a few seconds. He came back with this look on his face and you could tell he was freaked out. He didn't say anything for a while and then he said when he went back the door was open. I didn't believe him because I tried the door myself and I'd locked myself in before so I knew there was no way to open that door without taking off the knob and there was no way he could have done it that fast so I went to inspect myself.

You could imagine my disbelief when the door was wide open and the light was off.

Starr-Maiden Marie, TX, USA
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