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Log Cabin Ghost

Samantha S., New York, USA
March 2001

When I was 18, I lived with my boyfriend on a river in Florida, out in the woods. We lived in a log cabin made of palm tree trunks which was the oldest house in the area, rumoured to be built sometime in the 1930s as a fishing cabin for a rich businessman who lived in town.

It was an efficiency, with everything contained in one room. There was a bedroom with a concrete floor connected, and the entrance to the house was through the bedroom. (This is necessary info.)

One night, I was alone, my boyfriend Andy was at work. It was cold, and to keep the heat in one room, I shut the door to the bedroom. After a couple of hours, I went to open the door and I could only get it open one inch. I pushed and pushed, but there was something blocking. I realised that our heavy, old dresser had been completely pushed in front of the door! Once I realised that, I started shaking and ran to get our fish filet knife. I thought someone had trapped me and was going to set the house on fire. I phoned Andy at work and he called our 70 year old landlord, who lived next door. While this was going on, I thought about it. All of our windows in the house were jalosy windows, impossible to climb through, even for a cat. Also, I would have heard the dresser scraping on the concrete. If the dresser had been lifted, it would have knocked down the shelf full of crap two inches above it, hanging from one nail.

I became convinced that no PERSON had done it when our landlord came, UNLOCKED the door, and said the shelf was still there. He had to go get some neighbours to help him shove the dresser back in place, and of course it made a very loud screeching sound.

Man, was I glad to be free! I explained to my landlord the impossibility of a person doing this, and he said, "Oh, it was probably Andy, couples are always playing pranks on each other!" and left it at that. Nobody would believe me, even though they all saw the evidence. But when we would tell our visiting friends what had happened, they would all become uncomfortable and leave shortly after.

Samantha S., New York, USA
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