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Log of Paranormal Happenings, Portland

Anonymous, USA
October 2015

From when I was born to when I was about five I lived in a old old house in Portland, Maine. This was a very very creepy house, it was built sometime in the 1700s and survived the fires that Portland went through during the revolution. I am 100% sure that that house was haunted.

Some creepy happenings that occurred there was sometimes I would suddenly start bleeding from places I had never been hurt, we would hear blood-curdling screams and footsteps during the night. My mom even told me that she saw women in cloaked walking the narrow halls of the house. I would hear bangs and screams during the night and other such things.

My parents told me that when I was very young, I would say that I didn't sleep and I watched the "monsters" walk about. We did some research on the house and who had lived there. We found out that a clairvoyant/psychic, doctor that worked with children with mental disabilities, and an old boat builder used to live there.

Hearing this we all decided it was time to move. We moved to a suburb of Portland, I remember when we first moved into the house, it was a drastic change in atmosphere. But once we moved all our objects from the old house into the new one, it turned back into a tense dark place.

When my dads parents died we took some of their belongings and brought them to our house. Now occasionally I will hear footsteps and smell a distinct smell their house in Michigan smelled like. I will also see shadows shaped like people and hear creaks.

We still live in the new house and these happenings are still occurring.

Anonymous, USA
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