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Amethyst, Philippines
July 2002

When I was seven my grandmother was diagnosed with tuberculosis. My Dad was devastated and I was sent to my other grandmother's so I wouldn't be affected with our family tragedy.

I went on with the days going to school and missing my grandmother. When she wasn't sick we were partners in crime, she would excuse me from school saying we had a family thing or that I was sick but what we would do was go and watch movies. My grandmother loved the movies, and I guess she influenced me in that field.

In school when the lunch bell rang I was used to seeing my grandmother at the gate, waiting for me and we'd have lunch together, but now that she was sick and at the hospital, I had to settle for the cafeteria food *ugh*

I didn't see my family for weeks and I was one time allowed to visit her at the hospital, she was looking far away I doubt that she even noticed me. After that I went to school the next day and went on with my lessons, when the lunch bell rang, I went out the classroom and saw my grandmother at the gate. She was there looking at me, waiting but this time she waved goodbye and the next thing she was gone. I knew that something was wrong and I didn't imagine seeing her.

When I got home to my other grandmother, they were all in a fuss and choosing the words to explain to me something. I shocked all of them when I calmly said, "I know," I nodded "Lola passed away".

I knew that my grandmother came to say goodbye to me that day at school and to let me know that she won't be dropping by for lunch anymore.

When I think of it I still get teary eyed, I feel real special to know that my grandma really loved me to the point that she had to say good bye to me first before she moved on.

I love you Lola!

Amethyst, Philippines
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