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Lonely Old Woman

October 2006

I live in a relatively small town named Hurricane. Nothing big ever happens here. It's a very safe place. It's honestly one of the last places you'd expect to find a ghost.

I've always been a believer. I never really doubted the existence of ghosts. So when I heard about this supposedly haunted house, I wanted to check it out.
Through some connections, me and two of my friends were allowed to spend the night there. Their names are Rebekah and Jenny. They too have always been believers.
The man who owned this house gave us a tour and some history. An old woman had once lived there. He often helped her keep care of it, mowing her lawn and such. One day, he went to the house and knocked on the door to find no answer. He went inside to make sure she was ok. He found that woman dead in the bathroom. The man left us alone to brave the house for a night. We unpacked our stuff, and continued to explore the house after nightfall. Nothing much happened for a while. We went and sat in the living room for a little bit and watched some TV, ate some snacks, the usual. We went to explore the house. We came back into that living room to find it completely clean. Needless to say we were scared.
We went and sat in the living room for a bit. We sat and talked, and then it began to become very chilly and thick in the room. We sat silent. I had my shoes on and my feet up on a little table. Before I knew what was happening, the table flew out from under my feet. I nearly had a heart attack. Later I went into the bathroom and did my business. I walked by the mirror and looked in to check my hair. There I saw out of the corner of my eye the reflection of a woman, who looked rather angry, primping her hair as well. I stopped at looked behind me, but there was nobody there. Needless to say, I ran.
Several times over the night we heard screaming, moaning, footsteps coming down the stairs, and running water. Several times the TV was turned off and something was tidied up behind us. We saw shadows and reflections in that mirror.
If I'd had any doubts about the paranormal before I walked in that house, I didn't walking out.

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