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Lonely Spirit

Stacey, NY, USA
December 2003

We bought this house in April of 2002. The couple before us had 9 kids. She told me whenever there was a rough spot, they were always able to walk through it.
The house sits directly in front of a cemetery which was ok with me.

After the first couple nights spent in the house, I began to feel like someone was there in my dreams. I would actually see him. He would be there in his brown overalls, tan shirt on, he wore brown moccasins. There he would stand over me. I thought I was just tired, so I never paid any mind to him. Eventually I saw him more and more so I decided to look him up in the historical events.

I researched his name and found out the actual name was a very popular name. According to the records, he died at the age of 21. He was buried in, what is now known as our backyard, but was buried near a farmhouse that was owned by his parents. His name is Kirby Winfield. His name is also printed on his tombstone which still lies in our backyard.

About two weeks after this research, our house that we purchased burnt down. We stayed at a local hotel while our house was rebuilt. Kirby remained here looking out for his property. After 10 months of living in the hotel and dealing with his minimal appearances, I couldn't bear to go back to this area. I did eventually go through the new house.

Every once in a while, Kirby will let me know he is here. By coming into my dreams, he makes his presence known to me. I know that when things go wrong, somehow they go right. He seems to sit on my bed when I sleep at night watching over me. I pray to him at night, hoping he will leave this side of the world and go back to where he belongs. I am very sick at the moment, I managed to get enough strength to face reality and facts. I have 3 children that need me. He will eventually find his way home, but for right now, he will remain here.

Stacey, NY, USA
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